3G’s Leadership team recognized as Top Women Moving the Transportation Industry Forward


Featured: The Women Achiever Magazine, August 2022 Issue

According to a recent Forbes article, organizations with women holding at least 30% of leadership roles are 1.4 times more likely to have sustained, profitable growth.

Jen Holtvluwer serves as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Shauna Coleman as Chief Human Resource Office (CHRO), and Stephanie Richelieu Stagger, is our Chief Customer Officer (CCO).

3G’s 50% female, officer led leadership team was featured in The Women Achiever magazine, as the Top Women Moving the Industry Forward. Keep reading for a quick overview, or to access the full editorial, click here.

The feature highlights Jen Holtvluwer (CMO), as a Passionate Leader Who Never Stops Building. Whether that be building teams she knew could do great things, or building a foundation of trust, and empowerment, Jen shared her passion for building and growing tomorrow’s leaders. As the team grows, so does the business.

Shauna Coleman (CHRO), A Servant Leader Using Pivotal Lessons to Lead Human Capital, shared that starting in the Marine Corps. has played a significant role in the people strategy she uses to lead the team at 3G: never letting the person next to you fail.

Stephanie Richelieu Stagger (CCO), A Logistics Pioneer Showcasing Passionate Work and Leadership, explains that her comfort with uncertainty, paired with her keen sense of empathy, has greatly influenced her ability to approach customers, decide what products to offer to them, and how they should be presented.

“Transportation is the lifeblood of our economy, and it is only becoming more complex. We intend to meet the challenges head-on by continually innovating to meet the new digital future of transportation.”
– Jen Holtvluwer, Chief Marketing Officer, 3G

“To become a successful leader, always ask questions, seek information, be decisive, be organized, have great communication skills, and most importantly be self-aware.”
– Shauna Coleman, Chief Human Resources Officer, 3G

“Be open to opportunity, you don’t have to know everything you just have to be open to working hard and knowing when to seek out guidance. Find a variety of mentors from within and outside your industry. Learn something every day – build your industry knowledge and develop your general business acumen. Transportation and supply chain, heck the world in general, is going through continuous change, keep thinking ahead.”
– Stephanie Richelieu Stagger, Chief Customer Officer, 3G




Publish date

August 25, 2022



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