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Dynamic Logistix Gains Lightning-Fast Integrations and Greater Visibility to Drive Growth

Dynamic Logistix is a logistics services provider that specializes in logistics technology programs and supply chain solutions. It is one of the fastest growing logistics service providers in the country and proudly boasts a zero-percent customer attrition rate.

Challenge: Avoiding the “Factory-Like” Environment of Some TMS Vendors

As Dynamic Logistix was building its logistics service offerings, it sought a cutting-edge transportation management system (TMS) to provide mid-market transport and logistics customers with a comprehensive solution that supported the complete “order to settlement” lifecycle. Jeff Auslander, CEO and Managing Partner of Dynamic Logistix, is an industry veteran and experienced with a range of Tier 1 transportation management systems and vendors.

“I knew the strengths and shortcomings of lots of other TMS systems,” said Auslander. “And I knew I didn’t want transportation management software that comes from a factory-like environment, where you have to play in the vendor’s box and you’re very limited.”

Solution: Transportation Management Software with Fast, Reliable Integration

Dynamic Logistix took a close look at the 3Gtms transportation management system and the team behind it. Auslander was convinced his team would receive more attention from 3Gtms and avoid becoming another faceless customer, as had happened in the past with other Tier 1 TMS vendors.

“I already knew CEO Mitch Weseley’s reputation, and I researched the 3Gtms team,” explained Auslander. “I learned that I wouldn’t be dealing with amateurs – it was actually the best of the best.”

After several rounds of demos, Dynamic Logistix chose 3Gtms. “The ease of integration was the number one reason we chose 3Gtms,” said Auslander. “The experts at 3Gtms built an integration hub that’s unbelievably reliable. And the faster we get integrated, the faster we save money and our customers start saving money.”

Results: Fast Integration, Better Visibility Drive Big Savings for Dynamic Logistix and its Customers

Now live, the 3Gtms TMS system integration capabilities have delivered on their promises. “To be able to get a customer that uses AS400 green screen technology integrated into 3Gtms in less than two weeks is insane!” said Auslander. “When I worked with other TMS companies, the fastest we could ever get anyone integrated was three-and-a-half months.”

As predicted, Dynamic Logistix receives stellar, personalized service because of the culture and approach of the 3Gtms team. “If I need to get something done, I get a call or email back within an hour. It’d take a week with other TMS vendors – they just never seemed to care,” said Auslander.

The flexibility and reliability of the 3Gtms TMS has allowed Dynamic Logistix to set itself apart in the industry by bringing together a Tier 1 TMS product that delivers key features and functions for greater efficiency and visibility, coupled with the expertise of its own implementation and analytics teams. “It’s the combination of human expertise plus effective execution plus back-end reporting,” explained Auslander. “We love doing a demo for a prospect and hearing them say, ‘Wow!’”

In addition, 3Gtms gives all Dynamic Logistix customers access to the reporting tools – the opposite of other Tier 1 vendors that prohibit customer access. Dynamic Logistix teaches its customers to use the tool for greater efficiencies and automation.

For instance, a large telecom industry provider made huge strides in efficiency by moving from Excel spreadsheets to 3Gtms’ web-based, shared environment. Reporting features allow them to pinpoint savings opportunities in areas where they had no visibility before. Most importantly, the customer had no idea how much they could save in the LTL world, but because of the effectiveness of the LTL platform within 3Gtms, they can now analyze their data and know exactly where to negotiate with carriers to save money. “This has been huge, and really separates us from the rest of the pack and helps us win new business,” notes Auslander.

3Gtms continues to develop features and functions to further improve Dynamic Logistix’s customer offerings and value proposition. Staff has embraced the TMS and it has become a core part of the company’s future.


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  • Easier, faster integrations
  • In-depth reporting tools for broader visibility
  • Demonstrable cost-savings for customers that drive new business

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