3G Integration Hub

Connections to keep everything moving

Flexibility to integrate with all the tools that help get the job done

Expand beyond the integrations in the 3G Carrier Network and 3G Logistics Marketplace to add your own connections. Only the 3G suite includes robust, built-in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) technology to deploy your own customized transportation ecosystem.


The 3G Integration Hub at a glance

We integrate how you do


Integration options include XML, EDI, CSV, JSON, fixed positional, & REST; 100% web-based architecture; and an extensive, rapidly deployable template library.

Be customers’ clear choice


The faster you can deploy integrations, the faster you can differentiate from competitors unable to connect at scale (if at all).

See the benefits multiply


Complementary integrations, working together, is the key to scale and making the necessary connections through a single hub allows them to begin working together faster.

Get started now


Lightning-fast integration deployments not only cost less, they deliver value sooner – often months sooner – than other transportation and shipping management platforms.

Infrastructure is forever


Unlike one-off integrations the Hub is a fundamental part of the 3G platform, benefitting from perpetual maintenance, continued development, and ongoing enhancements.

Designed for doers


Reduced time and resources needed to connect new integrations means more efficient deployment of new tools to adapt to and meet evolving customer demands.

Custom integrations, adaptable over time, deployed at scale

Transportation integration is challenging. Every company’s integration needs are different; those needs are subject to change; and scaling-up integration use across a business is difficult.

The 3G Integration Hub uses the same Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) software deployed across the entire 3G suite and built for the integration challenges unique to transportation and shipping management. The 3G Integration Hub gives customers the peace of mind that they can connect to whatever they need.

According to American Shipper, a majority of survey respondents cited connectivity as their number one TMS challenge. The unique design of the 3G Integration Hub allows customers, carriers and trading partners faster, lower cost onboarding than other systems.