3G Transportation Management

Be prepared to manage every load, business cycle, and evolution

One intuitive transportation management software suite for everything moving over the road

Execute multi-modal shipping more efficiently. Connect to carriers, vendors, and customers. Plan every move to provide customers the best, most cost-effective shipping experience.

The industry’s most complete, flexible, and expandable transportation management software

3G Transportation Management includes all of the tools needed to manage the full load lifecycle of every over the road shipment. And as your customers demand more and your needs grow, tap into the full 3G Transportation Management & Shipping Software suite.

Manage every move, inbound and outbound

Order Management

Ingest transportation orders from your ERP or other order management system and build loads through automated rating, planning, and consolidation tools. Workflows are built according to your routing guides and templates to manage the complete order-to-cash lifecycle (including any exceptions along the way).

Better planning means better execution

Planning & Optimization

Leave it to the algorithm! 3G’s industry-leading planning algorithm automatically creates complex multi-stop TL, direct, LTL, pool-point, cross-dock, round-trips, what-if. Plans to maximize every cubic inch of capacity and gallon of diesel. Build feasible plans factoring in real-world constraints. Manage change orders and view cost savings from planning options.

Leverage the best services and prices

Dynamic Carrier Sourcing

Maintain complete carrier profiles and automate the onboarding of new ones with settings to manage contracts and spot market offers through load boards and rate indexes. Implement efficient processes with sophisticated tendering controls (waterfall, broadcast) and connect to carriers via API, EDI, or email.

Easier control of service, costs, outcomes

Contract Management

Highly configurable contracts for customers and carriers. Manage pricing, fuel indexes, and accessorials. Use tariff and index-based rating, benchmark and black-box rating, contract distance, tax calculation, and tap into spot market quotes. Provide better customer experiences with published transit-times and customized service levels.

More modes mean better service

Multi-Modal Shipping Execution

Superior shipping execution ensures performance that customers will notice! 3G planning & optimization fuels fast carrier dispatch, appointment management, EDI & portal communication, documentation creation & management, and more. And end-to-end tracking keeps customers informed.

More efficiently buy, sell, pay for transportation

Invoicing, Auditing, & Settlement

Everyone wants to get paid! But instead of generating and chasing invoices, let the software help. Manage the full order-to-settlement process with sophisticated pricing controls and contract management, invoice generation, built-in auditing, and financial integration. Sell, buy, pay for transportation more quickly, efficiently, then ever.

Real-time teamwork and collaboration

Customer, Vendor, & Carrier Web Portals

Be an easy partner to interact with! Users can set customers, vendors, and carriers up to access the TMS directly through dedicated portals, cutting down manual or duplicate work and communications. When partners are ready for digital connections, leverage the 3G Integration Hub to connect.

Let the software do the heavy lifting

Workflow, Job, & Process Automation

Purpose-built tools provide configurable and automated monitoring, event detection, & response management. Configure watch-lists to trigger color-coded alerts to help users see and react quickly. Create process automations to quickly manage your most common actions and use iActions to engage integrations where needed.

Know the #’S and $’s that determine success

Reports, Dashboards, & Analytics

Manage transportation and business needs! Transportation management software can tell you more than just what decision to make now, it can help with long-term decision-making, too. Use these tools to measure the operational and financial performance of logistics operations across divisions or relative to the broader market.

Scale-up your load handling capacity

Dock Door Scheduler

Efficiency over the road and at the dock! Say goodbye to loading dock congestion and frustratingly long detention times. Create schedules that account for physical and operational constraints; apply to specific facilities or system-wide; then let carriers self-schedule. This tool eliminates confusion and waste while strengthening carrier partnerships.

Intuitive and simpler user experiences

Custom Views & Searches

Configure and customize views to simplify and streamline your user experience. Show the fields you need in the order you need them. Leverage custom data fields for new data. Create saved searches that quickly identify shipments for action. You are in control of how fast, how efficient, how easy.

Scale your teams for responsiveness

Organizational Controls

Setup organizational hierarchies, job functions with agency / branch security and need-to-know access to data. User & role-based security help you tailor access to teams and role-based dashboards help your managers and teams see and monitor all actions in one place.

Manufacturers & Distributors

For many manufacturers and distributors, self-managing freight transportation provides greater control over their own customers’ experience. 3G Transportation Management benefits both logistics and business operations. Through a single suite:

  • Optimize all over-the-road modes including TL, LTL, and Parcel in one
  • Manage LTL and TL contracts while accessing spot market TL capacity
  • Consolidate loads, rate-shop, and select carriers for the best service and most competitive price
  • Algorithmically plan complex TL and LTL  routing, including pooling points
  • Improve financial performance with automated freight audit and payments
  • Visibility-driven exception management to allocate resources in real-time

Adapt to the current transportation environment, whatever it may be, and prepare to address customers’ needs before your competitors do. Effectively moving goods is what will make, and keep, you your own customers’ preferred supplier.

3PLs & Freight Brokers

When customers rely on you to move their goods, the right TMS will help to deliver outstanding service in any environment, swiftly and efficiently. 3G Transportation Management’s modular features for shipping, freight brokerage, and managed services provide a flexible foundation for happy customers and business resilience.

3G Transportation Management is how freight brokers and 3PLs:

  • Adapt to meet evolving customer demands rapidly with an expandable TMS
  • Operate in markets favoring contract LTL or spot market TL procurement
  • Plan loads as efficiently as possible to save customers time and money
  • Connect with other software tools for carrier monitoring, visibility, and algorithmic pricing
  • Increase productivity and performance without increasing headcount
  • Provide self-service portal access to customers, carriers, and vendors

It’s not not always clear when the tides will turn. But with 3G, you can set your business, and your customers’ business’, up for success in any market by quickly deploying the services that matter most.

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