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Corsicana Bedding, LLC Case Study

Corsicana Bedding, LLC has been the producer of quality mattresses for independent retail stores, regional outlets and national chains across the U.S. for more than 40 years. The company builds a wide range of premium mattresses and bedding products, and prioritizes service and on-time delivery with strategically placed production facilities throughout the country.

Challenge: Streamline and Automate with Transportation Management Software

As communications around loads became more complex and numerous, Corsicana sought a transportation management system (TMS) to enable new business initiatives that would increase automation and streamline operations. “For example, some loads had as many as 20 emails going back and forth, making sure we knew what was covered,” explained Michael Strickland, director of logistics at Corsicana Bedding. “It was cumbersome and we needed a transportation management software to help streamline that.”

Solution: 3Gtms’ Adaptability to Future Needs Stands Out

Strickland soon ran into the challenge of selecting the right TMS for Corsicana based on the countless offerings on the market. “Today the term “TMS” has a broad meaning, so it is important to take the time to figure out what it means for your organization,” said Strickland. “It is more important than ever to define what problems you need to solve first and then identify the potential vendors that are capable of meeting those needs.”

Ultimately, the company selected the 3Gtms 3G-TM system, which stood out because of its flexibility, applicability to the manufacturer’s size and needs, and the expert reputation of Mitch Weseley, CEO of 3Gtms.

“I’ve used transportation management software several times in past positions and it’s not easy to choose the right one,” said Strickland. “Many offer the same features and functionalities, but not the flexibility or usability that we found with the 3Gtms system. The choice wasn’t just based on how the TMS can serve us now; it comes down to how it can adapt to new complexities and grow with our business. 3G-TM was built to respond to future needs and has 100 percent customer satisfaction, so we were confident in our decision to partner with them.”

3G-TM boosts productivity by improving shipment efficiency and communications; increasing shipment visibility; and providing greater financial transparency. Using sophisticated optimization algorithms and actual rate cost, 3G-TM delivers the best plan that can be realistically executed.

Results: Improved Visibility and Efficiency Drive Better Customer Service

Corsicana required substantial business changes during implementation and after the go-live, particularly around order fulfillment. 3Gtms’ responsive teams and flexible software enabled every change. “We had complex requirements for this project that changed throughout, but 3Gtms was able to help us improve our processes and make our operations more efficient,” said Strickland. “The experience and industry knowledge of the 3Gtms team is exceptional, everyone we have worked with is top-notch and committed to our success. It is a true partnership.”

In addition, Corsicana’s improved automation and business intelligence have improved efficiencies. “We strive to provide an exceptional customer experience before and after each purchase, right down to strategically shipping our products,” explained Strickland. “Now with improved visibility and operational data, we can ensure fast, efficient service for our customers.”

Corsicana expects the bottom-line benefits of the TMS, coupled with 3Gtms’ commitment to customer service, to continue supporting its success in the dynamic, real-time environment of transportation management. “We are dedicated to continuously improving our quality service, and we expect that same level of commitment from our partners,” said Strickland. “3Gtms’ 100 percent customer satisfaction rate proves to us that they have this same commitment. From the very first phone call, their cultural willingness to help us succeed has made all the difference.”

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