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Tigris Fulfillment Partners improves quoting by 25% and packages processing time by 60% with Pacejet’s Fully Connected Shipping

Founded in 2017, Tigris Fulfillment Partners is a leading distributor specializing in kitchen and bathroom products for wholesalers, retailers, and e-commerce businesses across the nation. As they continue to grow and scale, automation and updated system processing are critical to their success. Searching for a more streamlined supply chain process, NetSuite and Oracle Cloud WMS referred Tigris to Pacejet’s Fully Connected Shipping solution to help solve their growing pains.

Searching for connectivity and growth opportunities

With previous systems and processes maxed out and unable to support continued growth for Tigris, James Blunt, Vice President of Operations, saw the need to begin exploring a new tech stack and streamline processes to keep up with the growing customer demand.

Tigris was in search of a shipping platform that would help integrate support for their customer service team, provide accurate rate shopping options for customers, increase quotation processes, and eliminate tedious manual tasks from their shipping workflow. They aimed to reduce manual tasks in providing accurate shipping quotes for customers, retain accurate rates across parcel and LTL, fully connect systems, and implement a seamless integration with NetSuite and Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud.

Our solution

After a long and thorough search process for a flexible and integrated shipping solution, Tigris chose Pacejet’s Fully Connected Shipping platform to help carry out a growth strategy that would allow them to solve their challenges head-on. Pacejet provided Tigris with a solution that determines the best shipping costs, integrates seamlessly with NetSuite and Oracle Cloud WMS, and automates all of the rate-shopping and shipping for all carriers, in one system.

Our platform eliminated the need for manual labor steps, inaccurate shipping rates, time-consuming processes, and provided Tigris with end-to-end visibility for their overall shipping operations.

The outcome

After implementing Pacejet, Tigris reduced their processing time from 50 seconds to 30 seconds per package, and are aiming to reduce it to 15 seconds in the coming months—all with the help of Pacejet’s flexible and ever-growing platform. The amount of time saved per shipment has enabled Tigris to redirect time to help scale their business.

Leveraging Pacejet’s Built for NetSuite solution, Tigris has been able to store their rate quotes and empower their team with accurate information for their customers. With Pacejet, Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud, NetSuite, and their other business systems operating in sync, they’ve been able to save time on their shipping line, shave time off employee manual entry, and improve their overall customer experience.

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  • Reduced Packaging processing time from 50 seconds per package to 30 seconds
  • Ability to store rates for multiple business units to refer to through supply chain process
  • Improved quoting time to 10-15 seconds with Pacejet
  • Able to leverage more flexible solution that connects and integrates with all their business systems
  • Saving around $50 to $150 per shipment due to expanded carrier network options