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Bedford Logistics’ Streamlined Processes and Efficiencies Gain New Business

Learn about Bedford’s bottom-line improvements and how the 3Gtms TMS system has helped position it to grow.

Bedford Logistics delivers sophisticated services to its customers, including consolidation and automated routing, traditional brokerage and LTL. 3Gtms technology has improved upon all of Bedford’s current services, along with featuring the flexibility and nimbleness to support the company’s growth in the coming years. Learn about Bedford’s bottom-line improvements and how 3Gtms has helped position it to grow.

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My name is Rich Rivera director of Logistics Group for Bedford Logistics. We are a division of Midwest Warehouse, which is the largest public Warehouse in the Chicago Market. We have about 14 facilities. I’ve been with the company for about a year. I was brought in, to kind of streamline some of the processes that we had, bring them up to date, and up to speed with where technology is today. Because the way we’re integrated with the warehouses they are our primary customer base.

We do a lot of sophisticated things for our customers. We do some consolidations some automated routing. We also do some traditional brokerage. So, we’re really kind of a hybrid setup. A lot of little things. We do a lot of LTL and a lot of consolidations and 3G really offered us the best of both worlds to be able to bring that together. We looked at several different packages or other companies in the industry and 3G really fit with what we were doing not only today but where we wanted to be three four years down the road. The savings have really been more along the process side. We’ve really been able to streamline things.

We do a lot of reporting through 3G, which has really helped us really streamline our operations and put some real consistencies in place. We’ve been able to reduce our time to invoice. We’ve gone from like 50% brokered usage down to two or three percent. So, we’ve made some real strides to improve our efficiencies. Now we’re in a position to solicit all the warehouse customers and start really bringing on more business. We have the carrier set up.

We have everyone on base rate tariffs. So, it’s really put us in the right position to really start growing. The orders come from the warehouse system automatically into 3G. They automatically get routed, and we don’t touch them. So, it just flows right through the system. I’m just grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to working with everyone going forward.

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