3G ERP Integrations

Native level connections to leading ERP systems

Native integrations to leading ERP systems

In today’s environment customers demand shipping answers before they buy. When will it ship? How much will it cost? When will it get there? Will you charge my carrier account? Your entire team needs better shipping answers.
ERP-integrated shipping makes that possible.

The 3G difference is better technology and decades of ERP integration experience

Our teams poured decades of experiences into making 3G ERP Integrations faster, more reliable, and more efficient than the previous generation of import/export interfaces. You’ll notice the 80%+ reduction in manual labor, 2x faster shipment processing, and 99% error-free order fulfillment.

Informed shipment pricing

Rate Shop

Cross-carrier rate shopping within the ERP interface and workflows to compare prices across many carriers, modes, and services. Find the best services at the lowest cost when and where your customers demand answers.

Event-driven connectivity

Real-Time Transactions

Real-time transactions from order capture through packing, shipping, and billing. Same-day shipping, instant tracking, same-day invoicing, and more are possible when your shipping runs in real-time.

ERP transportation upgrades

3G Exclusive Value-Adds

3G ERP Integrations help you expand your ERP system capabilities, adding fields to capture new data or expanding workflows to add packing or other major feature gaps.

Flexibly adapts to your business

Built-In Modern Configurability

3G ERP Integrations can more easily adapt to your business needs with configurable rules, custom data fields, and custom views.

Get and stay fully connected

ERP Ecosystem Integrations

3G ERP Integrations also support many 3rd parties, including EDI, labeling, paperwork, WMS, and other systems that form your unique business solution.

Integration strength and integrity

Connectivity Commitment

Our off-the-shelf ERP integrations all have a guaranteed maintenance commitment through 3G, the ERP, or a trusted partner.

Maximize the ROI from your ERP

ERP-Integrated Shipping Helps Your Entire Business

3G’s fully-connected ERP integrations go beyond old-school “interfaces” or batch “export/imports” to help your entire business:

  • Win more orders with greater profits by quoting shipping cost and time upfront
  • Enhance your ERP with missing controls like freight terms or carrier accounts
  • Fill major automation gaps with modules like packing and export shipping
  • Support same-day shipping with faster, real-time transaction processing
  • Avoid costs like carrier surcharges with technologies like address validation
  • Leverage modern support for customized data, workflows, user experience

All shipping integrations are not the same!

Featured partners in the 3G ERP Integrations

3G isn’t just how you manage transportation and shipping, it’s where you integrate with the carriers, systems, and tools that help you deliver every shipment, every time. Here are just a few of the dozens of integrations that work with your 3G Transportation Management & Shipping Software suite.