3PLs & Freight Brokers

Be customers’ most reliable transportation resource

Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers aren’t just relying on you to move their goods, they’re relying on you to solve their problems and anticipate their evolving needs. that means access to the right capacity, rates, and data. When it comes to being the transportation partner of choice, ensure access to the modes, services, and integrations to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Reduce your shipping costs 30% and ship more orders with 80% less manual labor.

3PL Services

For an industry built around trust and partnership

Ensuring the reliable delivery of customers’ freight – on time and on budget – is a tremendous responsibility and customers must trust your team and tools. 3G Transportation Management software will help confidently deliver the right customer experience, performing highly complex operations – like algorithmic planning and freight audit – as well as day-to-day tasks like contract management and invoicing. In an ever-changing industry, it also maintains the flexibility to evolve as your business does, providing access to functions like spot market procurement and parcel management. Let us be your trusted partner, so that you can be theirs.

Freight Brokerage

Build customer relationships that are anything but transactional

Freight brokerage may be a high-volume, transactional business, but it doesn’t have to feel like one, especially for your customers. Use software to automate the most mechanical, transactional parts of brokerage operations – like rating, tendering, tracking, and invoicing – and apply people where they are needed most: developing current and future customer relationships. If that software is 3G Transportation Management software, you can even add additional modules to take advantage of shifts in the market, customer base, and growth opportunities.

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