Say goodbye to spreadsheets and take control of per diem and demurrage charges

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3G Expands Transportation Suite with Cutting-Edge Drayage Capabilities

Simplify the management of your drayage moves.

Our industry-leading Transportation Management System is designed to streamline the complex process of drayage, empowering you to efficiently manage your shipments, eliminate spreadsheets, and gain better control over per diem and demurrage charges, enabling you to elevate customer service to the next level. Leverage automated workflows, improved communications, and advanced analytics — because drayage loads are just another load in your one TMS.

Manage Processes

  • Streamline your trade processes effortlessly.
  • Organize and manage import loads with separate tabs.
  • Dive into carrier assignment details with dedicated tabs.
  • Gain visibility into steamship line notifications, active imports, container status, and empty container pick-up progress.
  • Simplify logistics operations and stay on top of every aspect of your drayage process.

Manage Ocean & Rail

  • Capture crucial information for import and export bookings.
  • Organize booking numbers, intermodal carrier details, and vessel schedules
  • Stay on top of important dates, including arrival, ground, and per diem dates
  • Ensure smooth and timely transportation operations with comprehensive tracking capabilities
  • Take control of your ocean and rail moves with confidence

Copy Moves with Ease

  • Quickly duplicate existing drayage moves
  • Select necessary information effortlessly
  • Create multiple copies with ease
  • Streamline operations and reduce manual effort
  • Focus on strategic tasks and drive efficiency in transportation management

Mass Document Handling & data Updates

  • Seamlessly handle documents in bulk
  • Update key data across multiple containers simultaneously
  • Manage documents en masse with intuitive tools
  • Ensure accuracy and consistency across operations
  • Simplify processes and maintain compliance effortlessly

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