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You’re Not Alone. More Than 600 NetSuite Users Found They Needed Better Shipping.

3G Pacejet Shipping Was Their Answer

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Gained 1-2 hours of daily fulfilment time

Reduced in human shipping activity by 50%

2X processing speed per order

3G Pacejet Shipping is the most complete, integrated, automated cloud software for multi-carrier NetSuite shipping:

  • More NetSuite integrated shipping carriers, services, modes
  • Most efficient and configurable pack and ship workflows
  • Fastest order fulfillment cycles with deep, real-time integration

Quickly find the best carrier and service at the lowest cost with fast and accurate rate-shopping across more carriers and modes.

More automated pack and ship processes that enable your warehouse team to ship with 80% less manual labor, 10%-30% lower rates, and 99.9% error-free operations.

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Parcel and Freight NetSuite Shipping

  • Parcel, LTL (less-than-load), 3PL in one system
  • Rate-shop for quotes, sales orders, transfers
  • Domestic, export, retail, hazardous, and more

Streamline and automate more of your NetSuite shipping workflows in one solution including freight and parcel.

Easily compare rates across carriers and modes with the industry’s largest network of parcel, LTL, and 3PL carrier integrations. Instantly see and automatically compare cost, price, service, transit-time and more.

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Reduce your shipping costs 30% and ship more orders with 80% less manual labor.

Intelligent Rating with Predictive Packing:

3G Pacejet Shipping customers report 20%-30% reduction in shipping rates through more accurate shopping of carrier shipping options:

  • Predictive Packing algorithms more accurately reflect the number and size of packages in quotes and shipments
  • Configurable rate-shopping rules automatically find the cheapest, fastest, or best service choice for every shipment
  • Quickly and accurately price every shipment from simple ecommerce parcel orders to multi-pallet freight shipments

Systematically finding lower cost shipping options with better service for every shipment can significantly lower your cost of fulfillment. And by reducing warehouse staff decision making, your processes run faster with fewer errors.

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Reduce Shipping Costs Without Renegotiating Carrier Rates

The Most Complete NetSuite ERP Integration

No other SuiteApp does NetSuite shipping better than 3G Pacejet Shipping. Since 2009, only 3G Pacejet Shipping offers unique features like:

  • Rate-shop and ship from quotes, sales orders, transfers, purchases
  • Quick ship, pack and ship, batch ship, and many more flexible workflows
  • Ultra-fast scan packing runs completely browser-side for no network latency

Hundreds of integration features and configuration options developed with NetSuite shippers over 15 years of continuous innovation. Bring us your most difficult shipping problem, we’re up for the challenge.

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Run faster fulfillment with 99.9% error-free operations with 3G Pacejet Shipping running your NetSuite shipping operations.

Streamline and Simplify Compliance Across Many Complex Shipping Areas

As your business grows, you start working with larger trading partners, and more of them. Pretty soon, the processes that worked to ship products direct-to-consumer, or small retail outlets simply cannot handle the volume or complexity. Welcome to the world of shipping compliance.

  • Freight forms like bill of lading and pallet labels and parcel labels for all carriers
  • Retailer compliant forms like packing lists, bill of lading, combined documents
  • Export forms like commercial invoice, export packing list, carrier-specific forms

3G Pacejet Shipping manages the data, automates the process, and quickly prints all the content you need to ship — domestic, exports, retailers, hazardous, and more.

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Works with More NetSuite Native Features and More SuiteApps

3G Pacejet Shipping supports a broader range of native NetSuite native functionality and is compatible with more NetSuite SuiteApps:

Hundreds of integration features and configuration options developed with NetSuite shippers over 15 years of continuous innovation. Bring us your most difficult shipping problem, we’re up for the challenge.

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Powerful Analytics with Easy Access to Comprehensive Shipping Data

3G Pacejet Shipping offers more ways to view, analyze, and leverage your data for faster and smarter decision-making:

  • Comprehensive data on shipping including carriers, costs, prices, accessorials, packaging, addresses. Monitor pricing, warehouse ops, carriers, and more
  • Dashboards configured by you to monitor indicators that drive success
  • Export some or all of your shipping data for use with analytic tools of choice
  • Carrier Performance automatically tracks shipment with on-delivery push notify

Leverage data-driven decisions to reduce shipping costs, improve customer service-levels, and run faster and more efficient NetSuite fulfillment.

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The Most Powerful Transportation Suite

3G Pacejet Shipping supports a broader range of native NetSuite native functionality and is compatible with more NetSuite SuiteApps:

  • 3G Pacejet Shipping: ERP-integrated pack & ship for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers managing any level of volume, complexity or urgency.
  • 3G Carrier Network: The most complete API/EDI-connected network of TL, LTL, Parcel, 3PL, and capacity.
  • 3G ERP Integrations: Pre-integrated access to ERP and financial applications like NetSuite, Acumatica, IFS, Infor, and more.
  • 3G Transportation Management: More everything over the road more optimally with the industry’s most powerful planning algorithm.
  • 3G Integrations Hub: Integration software that quickly connects your business to customers, carriers, partners.
  • 3G Logistics Marketplace: Pre-integrated access to popular applications, industry specialists, and value-add services.

Be your customer’s source of transportation certainty. 3G’s cloud solves today’s most challenging logistics execution problems from optimized truckload to high-efficiency parcel

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