Manufacturers, Distributors, & Retailers

You don’t need to control the world to be in control of your business

Your customers depend on your committed partnership and often cannot deliver to their own customers until you deliver to them. Evolve and adapt to your customers’ growing expectations and see how 3G’s Transportation Management & Shipping Software can drive flawless fulfillment, shipment after shipment.


Manufacturing at scale means moving goods at scale

For manufacturers, product quality is only part of what customers depend on. Reliable delivery is of the utmost importance to earn, keep, and grow customers’ business and that delivery depends on the ability to swiftly ship and transport goods to the distributors and retailers whose businesses in turn rely on them. Self-managed shipping is a great way for manufacturers to control transportation costs and reliability but it requires the right modes and tools. From large volumes of small parcels to meticulously routed full truckloads, if it moves over the road, it can be managed here.


Shipping shouldn’t keep you up at night

Distributors play a vital role, connecting manufacturers to the retailers who ultimately put products in users’ hands. Shipping plays a vital role in balancing the need to meet customers’ expectations and run a profitable distribution business. As a distributor, your brand is your reputation, and your reputation is built on consistent, reliable delivery of goods. The right software will safeguard that brand with access to the right modes, services, and integrations, along with the ability to tailor shipments to the needs of each customer.


With shipping, the stakes are higher than ever

Never has shipping been a more important function for retailers to accel at. Whether you sell the $100 part for the $100,000 machine, or have this year’s “it” holiday gift, customers rely on you. And their expectations are only increasing. Fortunately, the right shipping software, tied directly into your ERP, can tackle issues like cart abandonment and misaligned shipment notifications. Serve them all with the speed and accuracy to earn their business many times over while preserving margins and employee morale.