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Bestway Freight Solutions Gains Nearly One Extra Hour in Daily “Business Time” on Its Path Toward Doubling Revenue

Business Challenge

As a strategic, entrepreneurial organization, Bestway identified two “musts” for continued growth: Improving its technology and expanding its LTL business. Having outgrown its transportation management system (TMS), the company was constantly missing out on opportunities. The technology need was fairly straight forward – find a TMS that would: allow faster execution on each load each day; enable rapid carrier onboarding; provide customers with instant access to their accounts. Finding the right one, however, took care and diligence.

The company’s growth ambitions required the ability to serve its customers’ TL and LTL needs. Winning both award types from its largest customers would allow Bestway to move from a TL-LTL split of around 95/5 to 50/50. Executives also knew that growth through headcount alone was a risky proposition, so a fundamental technology change was needed.


Bestway turned to 3Gtms. With its superior customer support, easy carrier onboarding, and industry-leading options for adding LTL, the solution was ideal. By leveraging 3G’s most nimble implementation program, Bestway had its brokerage software up and running within a month. Also important for a growth-minded company: The option of adding managed transportation and/or parcel in the future with no additional implementations required.

“The ability to double our revenue will depend on two things: technology and LTL awards. Since implementing 3Gtms, we already feel like our largest customers have invited us to take a seat at the table on a whole new level.”

Results & Outcomes

Within a few months and no headcount increase, Bestway started to feel like a bigger brokerage. The first noticeable difference was productivity: Saving even one minute per transaction essentially provided brokers with 10% more “business time” per day. Faster turnaround times and instant Bestway account access further improved customer experience. In short, the company not only felt like a bigger, more sophisticated operation, it was seen as one, too.

Now, the company was being offered a seat at a previously “reserved” table. No longer just another broker, Bestway was being seen as a technology and transportation partner. Its largest shippers began discussing integrations with their own ERPs, as well as obtaining self-service access to 3G. In fact, some customers even abandoned plans to implement their own TMS.

Bestway has big plans for the future, and those plans hinge on setting both customers and employees up for success. Now, with 3G as an integral part of its strategy, Bestway has the necessary tools to implement and execute on its growth plans.

About Bestway Freight Solutions

Bestway Freight Solutions is a high-growth 3PL combining the experience of brokerage veterans with the forward thinking of next-generation logistics leaders. Founded in 2014, Bestway specializes in moving customers’ high-value, time-sensitive loads. In the meantime, the company has embarked on a journey to transform from a pure broker to a true 3PL. As with most modern logistics service providers, business growth is a continual priority.


Freight Brokerage


3G Transportation Management


10%:  More daily “business time” with faster transactions

2x: Potential to grow revenue with LTL

50/50: Target for TL/LTL split (currently at 95/5)

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