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Chicago Music Exchange saves 68K+ annually using Pacejet’s Built for NetSuite solution

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I’m Brian Roberson. I’m the department head for shipping receiving at Chicago Music Exchange. We have a huge vintage collection of some of the best instruments you’ll ever find in the world. With using Pacejet, we’ve been able to basically just ship as fast as we can. And we keep getting faster at it. Our goal is to try to try to get about 20 minutes from current. You’ve hit submit on your order and in 20 minutes, you’re gonna get tracking. And Pacejet has allowed us to do that.

Before with our old technologies, we call them miss-ships, but you ordered a red one. We sent you a blue one. We were running about 80 of those a year this year so far, we’re at 14.

When we brought in new people, they had to walk around the warehouse for weeks and months memorizing where things were because it was all just set up what we thought was the best way to do it. Once we were able to switch over to RF smart and Pacejet, the onboarding process switched from three months to a week, maybe a couple of days.

Through Pacejet, we were able to see that we could shave off different aspects of how we’re shipping. Whether it be better routes and we were able to see our better box sizes for products. You know, everything’s being charged by dimensional weight now versus the actual size. So, we were able to really hone in on the best fitting box for the item and being that Pacejet uses container profiles. We were also able to match items multiple items into one container profile making it more efficient for the customer and us.

Now we’re able to keep track of how many of this certain box size we’re using. We’re able to get better, accurate ideas on dimensional weights. And we’re saving a ton of money when it comes to Postage and Supply now that we have accurate results coming back.

So in doing all of this process, we’ve been able to save $68,000 year over year.

Because of NetSuite, RF smart and Pacejet, Chicago Music Exchange has very large amounts of room for growth. We’ve already seen that in the first couple of years that we’ve been using it and it’ll be growing even more for years to come.

Celebrating 30 years of proudly serving musicians, collectors, and friends, Chicago Music Exchange runs one of the largest e-commerce and storefront music gear shops in the Midwest. With a line around the block every morning before the store opens, Chicago Music Exchange is known for it’s museum-like storefront and first-class customer service experience. Whether you come for your first guitar or join the Chicago Drum Exchange, Chicago Music Exchange strives to provide excellence in equipment and expert service that helps musicians deliver their own unique sound.

Dedicated to a fine-tuned experience

To work at the Chicago Music Exchange, they have one simple rule: you must love music. Full of both talent and passion from the executives to the warehouse, the skilled team at Chicago Music Exchange has a keen eye for tuning and a love for their craft. Before each instrument is shipped out from the warehouse, a crew member performs a thorough quality check and tune-up before packing and shipping. It’s that specific level of customer service that they try to deliver both in the storefront and online.

Before Pacejet, Chicago Music Exchange had a few homegrown processes and a mix of supply chain tools that didn’t communicate efficiently. Every time they hired a new crew member it would take them over 2 months to get acclimated to the processes and to learn all the SKUs for the items, before also needing to figure out where they were all placed within the warehouse. They needed a solution that could help automate parts of their process to slim down the time spent onboarding, while also helping them grow as they worked to continually scale their operations.

Our sound solution

Searching for a better solution, Brian Robertson, Shipping Manager of Chicago Music Exchange, went straight to NetSuite, in search of a trusted and tested solution. Pacejet was an easy choice for the Chicago Music Exchange team. Pacejet provides a native integration to NetSuite with connections to
RF-SMART and their e-commerce provider to bring together a fully connected solution to help them automate and save time on their shipping line.

With Pacejet helping to streamline their operations, Chicago Music Exchange is able to pull together their warehouse processes, reduce manual entry steps, and increase efficiency. In 2019 alone they were able to decrease the number of mis-ships by 82.5%, giving their customers more confidence to keep rocking on.

The outcome

Chicago Music Exchange chose Pacejet Built for NetSuite because its an accomplished and trusted partner for supply chain operations in the NetSuite community that provides built-in rate shopping, offers increased automation for fewer errors, and helps them solve their onboarding woes.

Annually shipping out 120,000+ shipments can be challenging for a shipping manager but with a trusted, vetted solution, like Pacejet, a shipment can take less than 20 minutes to get out the door and with saving around 68K, scaling is so much easier.






3G Pacejet Shipping


  • Automated shipping processes and a reduction in manual entry
  • Order placement now is 20 minutes from start to finish
  • Reduced onboarding time from 3-6 months to 3 weeks
  • Scaling is so much easier because now a new warehouse employee can be fully onboarded in 3 weeks
  • Saved 68K in 2019 through continued shipping automation and workflow enhancements

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