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Corsicana Mattress Finds a Different Kind of TMS Company with 3Gtms

Corsicana is a manufacturer of private label mattresses and its customers include some of the largest retailers. Logistics director Michael Strickland is an industry veteran and knows the limitations and clunky user experiences of most TMS companies. He searched for a vendor that offered something different and that hadn’t cemented what its TMS offered. When he saw the 3G demo, he knew he’d found what he was looking for.

Watch to learn how 3G’s TMS capabilities have grown with Corsicana and how its flexibility will continue serving the manufacturer far into the future.

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Michael Strickland, Logistics Director Corsicana Mattress, based South of Dallas in Corsicana, Texas. We are a manufacturer of mattresses, private label. So, we sell to most major retailers, large and small. A lot of people think that they make their own mattresses yet that is in turn us.

In researching companies, previous experience with other TMS vendors in my past, I was looking for something that had something different to offer. I knew some of the limitations of the other vendors, so I was pursuing a company that maybe had more growth as opposed to already set as to what it had developed and stumbled across 3G. Looked up online, liked what I saw, contacted them, and from the very first demo it was like yes, you know that that is different. And the user experience which had been difficult and clunky with previous vendors the flow of the process made a lot of sense to me in just looking at it from the beginning. And the expectation that I had to sort of have the vendor grow with me as I was growing something I was interested in, and it actually has happened. They have been very receptive to our needs.

Very nimble; when we change our minds, which we’ve done several times, business rules change, our focus on how to gain new customers, maintain existing customers, you know, you have new strategies, and you need a system that can adapt with you and provide new solutions for those new strategies. Going forward, 3G has put in its roadmap several components that are going to be key to us that will definitely have a positive impact on how useful the system is for us.

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