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Don’t Overlook the Support Behind the Software

“If it weren’t for the support of 3Gtms, we’d be in a world of hurt.” Hear why one 3PL can make bold customer promises like implementations in 6-8 weeks!

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Dynamic Logistix is a third-party logistics company or 3pl.

3G tms is our main offering here at Dynamic Logistix. The majority of what we go out and seek are fully outsourced clients and they’re going to fully Outsource through us via the efficiencies and optimizations that we provide through 3G tms.

They’re still using a lot of Excel spreadsheets, a lot of phone calls, hunting down hunting and picking through emails. TMS really provides them one centralized location to find all the information they need in one spot.

We are absolutely dead set on trying to bring technology, ease of use, tools, web-based tools, to our customers so that they can better understand what’s happening with a major part of their cost when they actually sell product and that’s actually getting product to their customers.

The system is incredibly customizable for each particular user, or customer. So, we’ve been able to go into you know, any given client we have set up the system and make it customizable for their needs.

3G software has been great. Helping us do our job, just based on the ability to create a software that helps our clients. But almost more importantly is the support that we get behind the system.

The integration hub for 3G is by far the most pliable integration Hub in the entire industry. It’s not even close. Our typical competitor will get someone integrated in live in seven to 12 months and it’s probably the second number. We’re getting people live and integrated. We’re getting them live in two months. We’re getting integrated a month.

It’s kind of incredible how quickly they can get it done and how responsive they are to our team when we need things to get rolled out in a quick amount of time.

Been very easy to work with them. They are very responsive. They know what they’re doing. They tend to always come up with the solution to any problem that we present to them and are very collaborative at working through the actual Integrations and the full implementation as a whole.

In the way our relationship works, and our partnership works, I hope that we can use 3G on every account.

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