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KDL Earns Larger Customers with Flexible 3Gtms Technology

When KDL, a 3PL that provides freight management services, needed a more flexible transportation management system, it turned to 3Gtms. The ability to customize the TMS to meet clients’ needs enabled KDL to increase their freight-handling capabilities and take on larger, more complex clients. Watch to learn how 3Gtms helped increase the reliability and integrity of KDL’s services, the cost-savings from increased automation and the lightning-fast response time of 3Gtms support.

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My name is Andrew Thompson. I’m the manager of information and Technology services and our company is a 3pl that provides freight management for small to mid to large size companies. We partnered with 3G because we were looking for flexibility in the software to be able to customize it to meet the needs of our various clients. 3G offers that capability a lot more. Since we’ve implemented 3G we’ve been able to take on larger clients. We now have the capabilities of handling their Freight through the 3G software.

Our reliability is better the 3G TMS system is a lot more stable than the previous system we were using so we have a lot more Integrity on the services that we provide our clients. We do notice cost savings that you know, we pass on to our customers.

We are able to automate a lot more of our processes using the 3G software. So that is also an additional cost that gets saved. Working with 3G is a partner is great. They’re extremely responsive and we’re able to submit any technical issues to them and we usually get a response within a couple of hours. In addition to that, we reach out to them when we have any questions about how to use the software or if one of our clients is looking for something we don’t know how to do, we would reach out to the 3G team for them to provide us demos and information on the software and the functionality.

They do a very good job responding to any issues we have or any additional needs that arise. Right now our company is trying to grow and double and then triple in size and 3G is going to help us along the way to achieve those goals with its flexibility and the capabilities of the software. It’s been a great experience working with 3G and I look forward to continue being a partner with them.

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