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Mercury Promotions & Fulfillment reduces onboarding to one hour with Pacejet.

In the business of branding since 1996, Mercury Promotions & Fulfillment is a global provider of promotional product packaging and fulfillment services. Top-ranked nationally in their industry, Mercury provides customers with a wide breadth of branded merchandise ranging from logo pens and t-shirts to custom packaging and builds. Their large selection of products, various quantities, and global destinations required a cloud-based solution to simplify shipments out of their 250,00 square foot facility. 

Finding the Right Mix

Headquartered in Sterling Heights, Michigan, Mercury searched for a solution that included address label printing, carrier rate shopping, and scan-pack features. They also desired a single interface with built-in integrations to NetSuite’s ERP and WMS platforms for an all-in-one view of their systems. 

Before Pacejet and NetSuite, Mercury used a combination of disjointed, on-premise programs. The systems were limited to high-level features and lacked label functionality, rate shopping, sophisticated scanning or packing functionality, and special services (accessorials), leaving them vulnerable to errors in their shipment process. These platforms also couldn’t scale past Mercury’s two existing workstations, limiting the warehouse’s output as volumes increased. Additionally, Mercury wanted to reduce employees’ manual labor time throughout the entire process and cut labor costs while finding the most cost-effective shipping methods. 

Providing an On-Brand Delivery

After searching for different shipping solutions, Ron Davidson, Mercury’s Director of Information Systems, said they were “blown away by what we saw in Pacejet.” The simple single-platform, rate shopping, ability to scan and pack, quality check for picking, and line level detail for each package provided the process improvements Mercury wanted to achieve. With Pacejet, Mercury enacted another layer of quality control using the Multi-Level Scan-Pack functionality and gained insights to communicate to customers where specific items were within a delivery of dozens of boxes. 

Mercury also experienced a serious ramp-up in the speed it took new hires or temporary workers to come on board. Previously, training required two full business days with their old systems, but thanks to Pacejet’s intuitive platform, new team members are trained and ready to go within an hour. Additionally, Mercury saves time in the warehouse with Pacejet’s rate shopping functionality by reducing manual tasks and shipping confidently.  

The Outcome

Pacejet’s ease of installation has alleviated Mercury’s worries associated with scaling in their warehouse. Using Pacejet’s cloud-based solution, Mercury can add as many workstations as they need, and as Ron Davidson explains, “Pacejet makes it a piece of cake.”  Mercury also consolidated the packing and shipping processes into one. Before, specific team members were responsible for producing labels. Now more employees produce labels, and Mercury’s management knows which team member packed and picked the products. 

Since switching to Pacejet, Mercury’s accuracy rate improved, as their shipping error rate decreased from 2.5% to less than 0.2%. As a company focused on brand identity, Mercury understands the importance of quality products and excellent customer service. With Pacejet Fully Connected Shipping, they are best positioned to deliver both.


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3G Pacejet Shipping


  • Reduced onboarding times from two full days to one hour
  • Decreased error rate from 2.5% to 0.2%
  • Increased shipping scalability with the ability to add more workstations

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