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Broader Visibility, Faster Invoicing Helps Mohawk Logistics and its Clients Grow

Mohawk Logistics wanted a TMS vendor who would approach the work as a true partnership, and that’s what they got with 3Gtms. With 3Gtms’ flexible software backed by a collaborative and interactive relationship, Mohawk Logistics has a TMS “exactly the way we want it.” Learn more about how increasing visibility for clients, faster invoicing and automated, custom reporting have been integral to Mohawk’s superior customer service.

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My name is Gerry McDevitt. I’m vice president of domestic services at Mohawk Global Logistics. 3G definitely met our needs in terms of giving our clients the visibility to their shipments also, the quoting tool and the ability to self-serve.

They’ve really come to the table with an open mind about our suggestions for what we needed from team views to meetings with them in their boardroom them coming to us including you know, Mitch Wesley the CEO coming to our boardroom. They’ve all been very interactive with us. It’s been really great. It’s been a very collaborative effort in getting the system exactly the way we want it.

We have automated customized reports going out to clients something that we used to do manually is now being done automatically. You don’t have to think about it. We are really pushing process improvement with 3G’s help within our own operations. And it’s also translating into being able to service our clients better, give them more visibility, give them faster invoicing, give them the documents they’re looking for.

The future for us is gonna be more automation more integration with our clients. We’ve done that with some already. We see that some that are really right for that type of integration. And 3G, we see is a big part of the future in allowing us to do that and to create that relationship.

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