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Pacejet Shipping Software for Power Curbers

Power Curbers supplies the global paving equipment market – from residential sidewalk curbs to ten-lane freeways, and everything in between. Growth associated with an ownership change, a booming U.S. housing market, and international infrastructure demand dictated a significant ERP upgrade and Sage X3 was selected. After an unsuccessful attempt with an alternate solution, Pacejet’s shipping software was chosen and implemented.

Business Situation

Power Curbers was acquired along with two sister companies, each running different software systems. Growth for the combined entity depended on consolidating operations on a single software stack, to truly function as one larger company. Post-merger and consolidation integrations are complex, and few ERP or shipping systems can handle them effectively. Fortunately, Pacejet and Sage were up to the challenge.

Domestic demand for curb-paving equipment largely follows demand for residential construction, which has increased dramatically in recent years. Growing Power Curbers’ business meant keeping up with that demand – including the demand for service and replacement parts. Though only a small percentage of the company’s revenue, replacement parts comprise most of its shipping activity.

Our Solution

Construction companies buy Power Curbers machinery not only for its quality, but the reliability of the post-sales service, too. When paving equipment needs service, it needs it now, otherwise the equipment, and the crews operating it, sit idle. That means a lot of time-sensitive overnight deliveries, and that means Pacejet. Power Curbers’ industry-leading 98% same-day shipped rate for replacement parts is no small feat to maintain, but it’s where Pacejet shines: The largest, broadest carrier network (including parcel, LTL and 3PLs) and rapid automation provide the flexibility needed when finding a late-day pick-up and next-day delivery.

Power Curbers’ growth plans also include new product development for international customers – products that will allow it to compete with manufacturers many times its size. However, anybody who has had to handle exports knows that getting things built and out the door is only half the battle. Export documentation alone can be the difference between timely deliveries and weekslong delays. With Pacejet, though, Power Curbers has immediate access to accurate, automatically produced export documents that keep the shipping process moving.

The Outcome

No company can grow without a dedicated, engaged team at every level. Power Curbers executives understood the importance of directly addressing employees’ needs and concerns – even though they weren’t on the fulfillment floor to experience them personally. Management knew it had a win with Pacejet immediately, when its shipping department completed training in one hour… 30 minutes to learn the software, and 30 minutes to rave about the improvements over its predecessor! With Pacejet, Power Curbers’ found a reliable, trustworthy partner, and warehouse employees found a tool that understood the nuances of time-sensitive shipping as well as they did.

As Power Curbers contends with market-driven growth in its domestic business, and new product development for international customers, it’s important that they have software able to support that ambitious growth. Pacejet and Sage X3 have proven themselves formidable partners in this endeavor.


Construction Equipment


Sage X3


3G Pacejet Shipping


3: companies consolidated on a single software stack

  • Fulfillment team trained in 30 minutes

98%: of orders shipped out same day

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