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Praise for the “Most Pliable Integration Hub in the Industry”

Dynamic Logistix delivers turnkey transportation solutions to its clients with 3Gtms. With world-class technology, customizable software and straightforward web-based tools, it opens up a whole new world of efficiency and automation for clients – some of which still manage their transportation operations with spreadsheets and emails!

Key to Dynamic Logistix’s success is the ability to get clients up and running fast, and that’s where 3Gtms shines. Dynamic Logistix can get clients integrated and live in 1-2 months compared to 7-12 months with a competitor. Watch below to learn why Dynamic Logistix calls 3Gtms “The most pliable integration hub in the entire industry, hands down.”

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Dynamic Logisticx is a third-party logistics company, or 3pl. The integration hub for 3G is by far the most pliable integration Hub in the entire industry and it’s not even close. Our typical competitor will get someone integrated and live in seven to 12 months and it’s probably the second number. We’re getting them live in two months. We’re getting them integrated a month.

It’s kind of incredible how quickly they can get it done and how responsive they are to our team when we need things to get rolled out in a quick amount of time.

Been very easy to work with them. They are very responsive. They know what they’re doing. They tend to always come up with the solution to any problem that we present to them.

In the way our relationship works and our partnership works, I hope that we can use 3G on every account.

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