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PSA BDP delivers $400,000 in savings and eliminates detention and demurrage charges with 3G

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My name is Stephanie Tomlinson. I’m Director of Client Relations and solutions at PSA BDP. I’ve been in the industry for 12 years at PSA BDP for 8.

My name is Alexanderia Kerr and I am the TMS Solutions manager. I’ve been with PSA BDP for 11 years.

My department manages the ongoing account management with our customers as well as the new implementation of all the solutions that our customers touch.

One of the solutions we offer is our managed TMS, we utilize 3G TMS for. My team and I are responsible for implementing TMS with our customers which includes the ongoing support through the life of our relationship with them the implementation of the project and TMS into their system handling the integration back and forth between a TMS and their system.

PSA BDP is a leading for 4PL global transportation and logistics company that supplies supply chain solutions for our customers. We service business verticals including retail, industrial, pharmaceutical, and life sciences.

Our North American domestic transportation solutions include procurement, managed TMS, execution, audit and freight payment, and business intelligence.

So, for about two decades, we utilized our proprietary TMS solution for small to mid-sized shippers, but we realized through the consulting that we do with our clients that they needed a system that had more advanced capabilities. So, in 2019 we came to a crossroad: should we build what we needed, or should we buy? And that’s when we did TMS RFP

Our implementation internally with 3G was seamless and had a great implementation team that allowed us to now utilize 3G TMS as a managed TMS system to implement it with our customers and provide them a customized TMS that fits their specific needs and what they’re looking for at how to handle their transportation.

Implementing the top tier TMS with our customers is not just giving them a TMS and sending them on their way. Our relationship with our customers provides them with continuous improvement, which means we’re managing a system for them, implementing the new features, constantly trying to determine what is the best way to fit their needs in transportation. We provide dedicated implementation assistance. So, we have a fully dedicated team to their account. So, when they need help, and they need that ongoing support they can reach out to us at any point. We can be that point person for them. And we do a streamlined transition into the TMS and provide extensive training materials, step-by-step SOPs, to video assistance. So that way we get their users up and running in the system. They learn it, they understand it, they get comfortable with it which has helped with the training process and adapting them into system.

So, three major improvements we’ve seen in terms of efficiency: the ability for our clients and our brokerage to be able to automate multiple loads, right when the order drops into the system to when we tender it out. So, that ability is cost savings and efficiency for both the customer and our brokerage. Additionally, 3G has capabilities to do carrier requirements as well as special requirements for our customer. So, making sure that on-time delivery as well as meeting our customers’ requirements and their customers’ requirements. Additionally, most important to all customers is the bottom line and the cost savings. So, there’s key things within 3G where we can do shipping consolidation, load consolidation, we are able to run different scenarios and see what the best plan is for customers.

This last year we had really big growth in terms of drayage management piece within 3G TMS. We had a key need to be able to track key milestones for customers as well as being able to manage per-diem, demurrage and detention charges for them. So 3G partnered with us to build that out and customize it to our needs and that was invaluable to us because I was able to provide the business intelligence, the KPIs, the information that our customers needed.

In terms of business intelligence, 3G has robust reporting capabilities especially around the operational reporting. So, key things being able to look at: customers equipment utilization, on time at the pickup and delivery. So, we were able to use that key data and be able to provide actionable insights to our customers on how to change their business.

With implementing the drayage management piece of 3G, our brokerage operations team has really grown into the load management workspace, which is a great space for them to view all their loads of one area. From easy entry of the load to tracking it to delivery, they can easily identify at risk shipments so that there can be a quick resolution without causing any service delays. And with managing drayage, you may be managing Imports or exports and knowing those important milestones, you customize the grid to get all your import milestones to the front, and if you’re going to be covering exports with a click of a button, you can switch your load grid and get all the exports to the front so that you’re ready to handle those types of shipments.

The next feature of 3Gwe’re looking to implement is the quick ship portal. It’s a simplified user interface for our smaller shippers and our customers’ vendors to go on to the TMS quickly add an order and view their orders in that a nice easy interface.

We have built a great relationship and partnership with 3G over the last four years that has really helped us solve some of our complex solutions for our customers. As a 4PL, we must be able to handle these complex solutions, so having a great relationship with the team is very important. We’re able to jump on a call with the appropriate team or we’ll get in a room and spend a couple hours bouncing ideas off of each other and we know at the end of that session we’re going to have a decision of how we’re going to proceed, and we know it’s going to be the best solution for our customers.

Personally, for me three things. First, looking at what are your transportation needs. What mode constraints do you have? What technology do you need? It is important to partner with the company that is going to scale to your future transportation planning needs. The second would be: what are their technology capabilities? Can they partner with carriers via EDI or API? Can they partner with other different companies? It’s key and important to consider. Then third is what is their support to you as a customer? What does implementation look like? And what does ongoing support look like?

In our TMS journey and looking at different providers 3G checked all of those boxes for us and we’ve been successfully working within them last four years.


In the dynamic realm of global transportation and logistics, PSA BDP is a standout leader, providing cutting-edge supply chain solutions across diverse industries. Spearheading this operation are Stephanie Tomlinson, Director of Client Relations and Solutions, and Alexanderia Kerr, TMS Solutions Manager, boasting over two decades of combined experience.

At PSA BDP, Stephanie and Alexanderia’s roles extend beyond managing accounts. They lead the implementation of transformative solutions, optimizing transportation operations for clients in sectors ranging from retail to pharmaceuticals. With a focus on innovation and client-centric approaches, they ensure PSA BDP remains at the forefront, delivering tailored solutions driving efficiency and sustainable growth globally.

The Business Situation

For over two decades, PSA BDP relied on its proprietary TMS solution to cater to the needs of its clients, primarily small to mid-sized shippers. However, as the industry evolved and client demands became more sophisticated, it became evident that their existing system was no longer sufficient. Through their extensive consultations with clients, they recognized a pressing need for a TMS with advanced capabilities. Clients were seeking solutions that could handle multi-modal transportation, optimize routes, and streamline processes through automation.

The realization prompted them to reassess their technology strategy in 2019. They faced a critical decision: should they invest resources in building a new TMS from scratch or explore existing solutions on the market? Recognizing the significance of this decision and the impact it would have on their ability to meet client needs, they opted to embark on a rigorous Request for Proposal (RFP) process. This process would allow them to thoroughly evaluate various TMS providers and select the solution best suited to foster business growth and meet their customer needs.

The Solution

As PSA BDP delved into the RFP process, they outlined key criteria that the ideal TMS solution must meet. Advanced planning optimization, multi-leg capabilities, multi-modal support, and robust automation features were among the top priorities. They sought a partner who could not only meet their current needs but also scale with them as their business and client base expanded.

Amidst the evaluation process, the 3G Transportation Suite emerged as a frontrunner. With its reputation for cutting-edge technology and comprehensive features, 3G aligned closely with their requirements. The decision to partner with 3G was driven by its ability to address the complex logistics challenges faced by PSA BDP and its clients.

By selecting 3G as their preferred solution, PSA BDP laid the foundation for a transformative journey in transportation management. The partnership promised to deliver not only immediate improvements in efficiency and automation but also long-term scalability and innovation. With the decision made, they set out to implement 3G Transportation Management and usher in a new era of excellence in supply chain solutions.

The Outcome

Since the deployment of 3G Transportation Management, PSA BDP has experienced a remarkable transformation in its transportation management processes. Efficiency has surged, driven by streamlined automation and optimized workflows, resulting in significant cost savings and resource utilization improvements. The robust reporting capabilities of 3G Transportation Management have empowered them to make data-driven decisions, fostering operational excellence and delivering unparalleled value to their clients.

Moreover, PSA BDP recently deployed drayage management capabilities within 3G Transportation Management, a strategic move that has further strengthened its service offerings. This enhancement enables them to track critical milestones, manage charges, and optimize load management effectively. Looking ahead, PSA BDP is poised to capitalize on 3G’s capabilities by implementing the Quick Ship Portal—a user-friendly interface tailored for smaller shippers and client vendors. This addition will provide an intuitive platform for clients to add orders and monitor shipments seamlessly, aligning with their commitment to delivering exceptional transportation solutions with speed and efficiency. As PSA BDP continues to innovate and evolve, its partnership with 3G remains pivotal in driving forward its mission of excellence in global supply chain management.

The Results

Leveraging drayage management capabilities offered by 3G, PSA BDP was able to eliminate all detention and demurrage expenses for one of their customers (except in cases of extreme weather conditions)! They also achieved significant results in shipping operations for another. Utilizing 3G Transportation Management, they were able to help a client realize $400k in cost avoidance through freight auditing as well as achieve a 7% decrease in transportation costs through rate negotiations and optimization. These impressive results underscore PSA BDP’s commitment to driving efficiency and delivering value to its clients through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions.




3G Transportation Management


  • 100% on-time to ERD/LRD window
  • $0 detention and demurrage expenses
  • $400K in cost avoidance
  • 7% reduction in transportation costs

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