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Regina Andrew doubles daily shipping volume and achieves 80% faster shipment processing with Pacejet

Founded on the belief that everything they do should electrify the room, Regina Andrew sparks self-expression and creativity through unforgettable design. Since 1998 their team has crafted unique lighting and home decor for retailers and customers across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Based in the “Paris of the Midwest,” Detroit, Michigan, every Regina Andrew piece is created with the craftsmanship, innovation, and detail expected of Detroit manufacturing and Parisian style. With a large variety of products and a desire to simplify shipping processes, Regina Andrew needed a shipping solution that worked with their ERP and fit their creative mission.

Stuck with Unfashionable Shipping Systems

Regina Andrew’s time-consuming shipping process centered around manual tasks with inaccurate data, little reporting, and poor scalability as they began to grow. They wanted a solution that connected to their NetSuite ERP and consolidated their information in one place. 

Before implementing Pacejet, Regina Andrew used a labor-intensive shipping process where they prestaged orders and manually entered data on carrier sites to provide customers costs. Besides taking a lot of time, this created issues as shipping rates would change, causing discrepancies between what was quoted. In most instances, customers wanted the difference back, which added even more expenses. Regina Andrew also faced challenges related to centralizing and integrating data in their NetSuite ERP. Most of the information they needed was already in NetSuite, but management required a cloud-based shipping solution that connected their data systems to provide robust reporting on billed charges and costs.

Lighting Up the Shipping Process 

After a two-year search, Regina Andrew selected Pacejet due to the long-standing partnership with NetSuite and after a recommendation from UPS. After an easy setup, Regina Andrew had their data mapped between systems and began testing within a few weeks. They immediately found process improvements and building efficiencies by getting real-time rates with the click of a button. Regina Andrew saw a big improvement in packing as Pacejet houses item weight and measurement information prior to processing shipments. Before, employees went between the warehouse and office for information about packing shipments. Now with Pacejet, all the information is in NetSuite, streamlining processes and reducing employee labor costs. Regina Andrew also improved the customer experience by simplifying freight quotes, billing, and providing customers with accurate rates.

A Shipping Solution that Shines

Pacejet’s cloud-based solution simplified Regina Andrew’s shipping processes and consolidated their data within their NetSuite ERP. Regina Andrew doubled their daily shipment volume and processed shipments 80% faster than before. Using their old systems, it would take 5-10 minutes to process small orders. Now, their average time to process an order is two minutes, which quickly adds up since they do a lot of same-day orders.

Pacejet’s automation and exception-based management also help Regina Andrew get ahead of problems as Pacejet indicates issues like incorrect 3rd party UPS accounts before the shipment goes out. This allows the Regina Andrew team to fix the issue earlier and still get the delivery out on time. With products focused on quality, innovation, and style, Regina Andrew now has a shipping process to match.


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3G Pacejet Shipping


  • Increased shipment processing speeds by 80%
  • Doubled daily shipping volume
  • Implemented automated shipping processes and data transfer

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