Customer Story

ursource leverages carrier network to optimize shipping and save $200,000 per year with 3G Pacejet

ursource is a unique distribution partner focusing on pick, pack, and ship solutions with a primary expertise in the janitorial/sanitary supply market. ursource warehouses nationally recognized products in bulk with next-day shipping to significant population markets such as New York City, Boston, Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Pittsburgh. The company ships daily to more than 4,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada.

The Search for Better Shipping Opportunities

The need to implement an efficient, easy-to-use, integrated shipping process with NetSuite was just the starting point for the team at ursource. Daily shipments to more than 4,000 locations, next-day deliveries and unique handling requirements of orders meant new opportunities to leverage regional parcel delivery services in addition to national parcel shipping for better customer service at a lower cost. The team also wanted a solution flexible enough to optimize parcel deliveries with freight (LTL) shipping to implement techniques such as zone skipping to reduce shipping costs.

More Choice and Better Optimization

ursource deployed 3G Pacejet for its cloud-based technology, NetSuite integration, with access to multi-carrier parcel, regional carrier services, and freight shipping. Core features of 3G Pacejet included a shipping workbench for efficient workflow, multi-carrier rate-shopping, automatic label, and paperwork printing. 3G Pacejet also enables zone skipping by processing parcel shipments as if shipped from regional parcel hubs with LTL services used to transport parcels to carrier hubs for forwarding to customers.

Better Service at a Lower Cost

ursource experienced significant cost savings of more than $200,000+ per year in addition to improved warehouse efficiency. The option to activate a regional carrier without disrupting core shipping operations helped the team maximize 20-30% cost savings for parcel deliveries.






3G Pacejet Shipping


  • Reduced shipping costs by $200,000 per year
  • Use of regional parcel for a better choice of services and rates
  • Combined LTL/freight with parcel zone skipping to optimize end-to-end shipping costs
  • Reduced time with ERP integration

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