Best Practices for Shipping Automation

With Acumatica and 3G Pacejet Shipping


In this webinar, 3G joined Acumatica to discuss the ever-evolving topic of how manufacturers, distributors, and omnichannel retailers ship goods from their ERP. Recently, Acumatica published a comprehensive e-book on all things ERP shipping, and this interactive session brings that to life with help from 3G’s own Stephen Karem, who demonstrated use of 3G Pacejet Shipping within Acumatica.   

Acumatica opens the webinar with an in depth disucssion of all things shipping. From this overview, viewers can gain a better understanding of shipping best practices, and where the uncertainties (and potential troubles) lurk when setting up shipping operations. In addition to learning about mistakes to avoid, the Acumatica team walks us through each stage of a shipment, and how to levarage the powerful Acumatica capabilities to execute.  

This portion of the webinar also goes into detail about the role of specialized transportation and shipping software, such as 3G Pacejet Shipping. While Acumatica’s fulfillment capabilities are extensive, the nuances of shipping often require a specialized software package. When that is the case, Acumatica demonstrates the importance of complete integration, where the user may initiate, execute, and monitor shipments within either platform and see data instantly populate across both. 

The webinar concludes with some very practical applications of shipping optimization across Acumatica and 3G Pacejet. To give users a complete picture of how the two work together, the 3G Pacejet team conducts a demo of its software but used within the Acumatica interface. This is a great opportunity for Acumatica users to see firsthand the strength and seamlessness of the integration, and why it’s a software “team” they can rely on for all shipping needs, both simple and advanced.  

For those who were unable to attend the webinar, we invite you to view it on-demand by accessing the recording here. Otherwise, check out the Acumatica shipping e-book, available here, for a complete guide to all things shipping. 




Publish date

August 30, 2023



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