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Shippers need clear and reliable strategies and tools to streamline their processes and reduce their costs. But it’s not enough to partner with more secure suppliers, plan shipping routes more effectively, or optimize carrier selection — to be successful, shippers must do all of the above, and more. That’s where a transportation software suite comes in.

Just like nature, every industry has specific seasons, marked by high levels of demand or relative quiet and operational downtime. Though the shipping industry has been in a state of constant flux and disruption over the past few years — driven by the pandemic and growing popularity of e-commerce — there are certain long-familiar industry patterns which remain intact to this day.

Amid the fast pace of today’s logistics and transportation market, shippers are under increasing pressure to enhance efficiency and control costs. The frontline workers responsible for critical tasks like route planning, overseeing compliance, or driving vehicles can no longer keep up with the pace of the industry using just spreadsheets and manual systems.

The logistics landscape is rapidly changing amid growing supply chain complexity, evolving customer demands, and global inflation. Shippers are caught in the middle of this upheaval, required to adapt quickly while maintaining profits. In this environment, embracing digital transformation is essential for shippers to remain competitive.

In the fast-paced world of logistics, every penny spent on supply chain management counts – and nowhere is this more evident than in the decision to commit to an exclusive carrier strategy.