Making or Breaking your eCommerce Business with Shipping


Shipping matters. What do we mean? You or someone you know likely has a story about an order that arrived damaged or with the wrong item, that ruined the experience with not just the brand, but the shipping carrier, too. 

As eCommerce businesses try to accelerate their growth, it’s crucial to understand the pivotal role that shipping can play in making or breaking the business. 

On this episode of The Link Podcast, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Ron Lee joins Diego Praderi at Tavano Team to discuss the importance of optimizing shipping processes. 

Shipping shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Did you know that one shipping mistake can eat the margin of one, two, or even three other orders? Ron Lee discusses why shipping operations shouldn’t be an afterthought for companies and how diving deeper into your shipping workflows can help control costs, improve your customer experience, and scale your business. 

Ron and Diego discuss topics such as:


      • What is shipping for the merchant versus shipping for the customer?

      • How does an organization approach shipping versus logistics as a whole?

      • What is the most optimal way to retain and train warehouse employees? 

      • How important is it to have your shipping solution integrated with your ERP?

    Watch the full conversation on YouTube.




    Publish date

    November 9, 2022



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