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AllCells’ advanced shipping challenges, solved with Pacejet

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Our customers are largely researchers. The products we sell at All Cells are human tissue. Mainly bone marrow cord, white blood cells and whole blood.  There’s a very high demand in human tissue for specifically human stem cells cd34s. A lot of our customers have spanned between Europe all the way to Japan.

Our company has scaled to a size where our old ERP couldn’t manage to whole business processes. And we reached out to NetSuite because we understood that NetSuite offered very high flexibility. They had the best practices and that all of our users can access the NetSuite ERP from anywhere. NetSuite is the platform we run our business on.

We had a lot of different challenges and shipping was really impacted by it. We were hands-on trying to manage all the individual documents going out with each shipment. Ensuring that they’re very accurate. Every single package that goes out of our facility, whether it be domestically or International, and every single day, we’re trying to let our customers know about their products where at every single stage. If there’s a delay, we need to notify them right away. Some of our shipments that go out are life and death scenarios. It’s crucial that we get our products accurate for our customers.

With the advent of Pacejet it covered shipping costs, super accurate. It did all the packing slips, which meant that were not hand typing it and it really reduced a lot of hands-on time. My favorite thing about Pacejet is having all of the documents as soon as you hit that ship button. It’s like magic and that was tremendous for us because we were managing all that individually and sort the piles and individual group. It was very challenging. And so, with the automation it was as easy as this goes with this, put the label on the box, and out the door.

How Pacejet helps us with FedEx is it allows for our customer success team really give our customers a very accurate quote on shipping costs. And a lot of the times when it comes to shipping out the day of, that number varies very small. So that’s been very helpful for us. With our customer success team, the tool of being able to track real time information of our packages is very crucial for us and we find a lot of value with that. Pacejet allows us to do that.

We want Pacejet to be a part of a part of our team ultimately to change the world.

Founded in 1988, AllCells was created to help clinics and hospitals receive human tissue and cells quickly in order to perform research and ultimately change lives. Jay Tong, the President, and CEO recognized early in his career that there was a need for readily available commercial source of hematologic tissue such as bone marrow, cord & peripheral blood, and purified hematology & immunology primary cell types needed to support scientific research, drug discovery, and development.

AllCells ships “All the Right Cells” at all the right times and they needed a solution that would help them guarantee delivery nationally with ease. On an average AllCells is delivering 65-85 shipments monthly that are all time sensitive. Before their Pacejet integration through NetSuite, they were manually entering each shipment into a separate portal. They were struggling to do things ahead of time due to the time sensitive materials being shipped and the need for changes on the fly. Moving into one-interface for shipping helped them save time and money while efficiently shipping cells throughout the world.

Growing a global business by shipping one cell at a time involves a very specific shipping strategy.

With Pacejet in place, AllCells was able to create a reliable workflow, allow for shipping price transparency for customers and ship with dry ice without leaving their ERP. Pacejet is the only complete cloud-based shipping application available on the market today providing advanced cloud technology, a real-time ERP integration, a real-time carrier integration, an open RESTful API, and complete enterprise features.

New workflows, one system, and efficient shipping

AllCells wanted a way to better utilize their carrier partners to ensure accurate shipping. With Pacejet in place, AllCells was able to increase automation and update manual data-entry processes to create a more streamlined approach for their team. Operating with few errors and more reliable shipping, AllCells was able to save their business money and time, but also do the same for their customers. Removing data-entry points throughout their workflow not only saved them money and time, it allowed for accurate visibility into each phase of the shipping journey for any of All Cells’ Pacejet users.

Putting the science of shippingTM to work for AllCells

Pacejet took AllCells’ complex shipping challenges and applied the science of shippingTM to help their business grow. One of their biggest benefits with Pacejet in place is the ability to alleviate stress on the team during their Monday rush to confirm fresh product and confirm accurate shipping criteria. Pacejet was able to help AllCells’ Monday rush move with ease through better workflow setup and automation, and ensure dry ice was available through Pacejet’s FedEx integration for the most sensitive of shipments. That’s what it looks like to put the science of shippingTM to work for your business.






3G Pacejet Shipping


  • Eliminates data entry with NetSuite ERP integration and connected carriers
  • Combines all shipping data in one place
  • Gives visibility to multiple people within the organization
  • Automated printing of shipping labels and paperwork
  • Provides access to FedEx dry ice options to protect shipments

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