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American Bath Group Optimizes Loads in Five Minutes Instead of Sixty

American Bath Group, a leading manufacturer of bath tubs and showers, needed to replace its old and inefficient TMS. With 3G, the company has saved money and can now optimize its loads in five minutes instead of an hour. With one centralized program, users have fast and accurate visibility into their contracts and LTL/TL carriers for making smarter business decisions.

Hear more about how 3G’s transportation management suite has transformed the organization and why its customer service makes it “the best TMS provider we’ve ever had.”

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I am Kayla Sanders. I am a TMS Logistics Analyst for American Bath Group. We are one of the leading manufacturers in bathtubs and showers. We had an older system that we were using that really just it took a whole lot of time to optimize, and we were looking for something a little faster more efficient and was more feasible in general all over for the company.

3G is an amazing TMS provider that helps us, and we’ve been able to actually save a whole lot of money. I optimize my loads within five minutes rather than an hour. It has actually worked pretty well because we have so many customers and we have so many LTL and truckload carriers that we’ve partnered with. So, it’s like a centralized location for all of that. You don’t have to go through two different programs or any of that to go through your contracts for your carriers. It’s all right there one centralized location. Simple easy to work and to move around in.

I mean as soon as I create a ticket to 3G within two minutes, they’re already working on it. They let me know who is working on it and how many people are involved and they keep me updated throughout the whole process. They’re more personal with you too, because I mean, they call you, they talk to you, you’re not having to deal with call this number and press one for English and all that. You just talk to them. I mean, it’s honestly the best TMS provider we’ve ever had.

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