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DIY Home Center’s art of renovation meets Fully Connected Shipping

Working hard since 2004 to help pro builders and every day handymen tackle deck and patio renovation projects, DIY Home Center sources building, deck, and garden supplies to help transform houses into homes. With multiple systems and portals to accomplish their shipping, DIY Home Center wanted a solution to help them streamline their operations but also provide them with transparency as they ship to customers around the United States using UPS, FedEx or USPS.

Founded in 2004, DIY Home Center set out to be the premier online vendor of parts and hardware for decks and homes. Shipping around 1,000 shipments daily via their e-commerce website, DIY Home Center needed a solution that would help them handle their heavy volume of daily shipments and consolidate systems to ship more efficiently.

Navigating multiple systems

Mike Anderson, President, and Founder of DIY Home Center created a platform for them to operate under but needed a way to consolidate their proprietary platform with legacy systems and carrier portals. When searching for a way to combine systems, DIY Home Center landed on NetSuite as their ERP solution. Once they onboarded with NetSuite as their ERP, they needed a better shipping solution than the out-of-the-box NetSuite Shipping. That’s when they landed on Pacejet.

By adding Pacejet, DIY Home Center now has access to all their shipping data and workflow steps all in one consolidated system. With shipping as their second biggest cost center and spending more than 1/2 a million on shipping a year, saving DIY Home Center money on shipping by removing steps in their workflow is a huge cost savings.

Unifying systems and optimizing workflow

Having their warehouse team log into multiple systems throughout their workflow made it hard for DIY Home Center’s distributors to maintain a balanced work day. With Pacejet, DIY Home Center was introduced to our “Shipping Station” which provides a simplified view of all the information a warehouse team member needs in their process. That alone was huge to DIY Home Center’s workflow. Freeing up time and clearing their bottleneck enabled DIY Home Center to save money on labor.

The art of renovation meets Fully Connected Shipping

Unifying their shipping data and process all in one-interface helped DIY Home Center save valuable time and money by adding automation to their operations. Consolidating carrier portals and shipping systems, DIY Home Center now is able to process shipments more quickly with fewer errors within individual workstations but one integrated system.

Saving money on shipping one click at a time, one workstation at a time

With Pacejet within their NetSuite ERP, all of DIY Home Center’s systems now live within one view. That means a cleaner process, easier workflow, and more efficient shipping. Pacejet helps DIY Home Center save around 20% total with all the improvements to their workflow, labor, fulfillment, licensing, and operations.






3G Pacejet Shipping


20%: Savings on their fulfillment and operations

  • Eliminates data entry with NetSuite ERP integration and connected carriers
  • Consolidated workflow within one system
  • Gives visibility to multiple people within the organization
  • One click to access native data and information

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