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Dynamic Logistix Saves Customers Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars per Year

To succeed, 3PL provider Dynamic Logistix knew it couldn’t operate in the traditional way of its competition. They sought a Tier 1 TMS partner that could deliver the technology and the attention it needed to truly differentiate its services and offerings. Hear how 3Gtm’s unparalleled service and unique TMS has given Dynamic Logistix customers hours back in their day and hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings each year.

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Jeff Auslander, CEO of Dynamic Logistix. Our company is a third-party Logistics provider or LSP. While a lot of our competition focuses more on brokering trucks and trying to kind of do the old school way of being a third party or LSP. We’re really focused in trying to automate, implement the technology, get our customers on it, get them automated. In this day where there’s no more really saving on rates, you’ve got to be a smarter shipper. If you’re doing it the old-fashioned way, you’re probably not making progress.

Our big thing was we had to find the right partner who would give us tier one technology along with attention. Nobody else really does that that’s tier one. You could have a problem with one of their competitors and that could be a one-month response. Where with 3G, I get same day, I get action that gets completed within days and weeks versus months or quarters and you go with one of the larger competitors to 3G you’re not going to get the attention you need to differentiate yourself from the big guys.

And we’ve got customers that have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars a year because they have a more intelligent way to do shipping. One of our customers, she told us “I get five hours of my day back now because of the load planning functionality from 3G.” It’s a big deal because she’s managing a whole transportation department; to get more than half of her day back so she can truly be a manager and not be someone who’s stuck in the weeds all day, that’s a big deal. They used to manually plan all their loads, like we’re talking Excel sheets, which is actually what most people are doing right now.

The load planner does it all in split seconds. Our happy customers, which is almost all of our customers, are like this is a game changer for us because we just got our lives back. They can lean on us as their LSP and also the technology to do a lot of the work for them.

I’ve been with other TMS, big names. We all know who they are. The comparison is not even a comparison. It is night and day. I mean I get emails back within 20 minutes. I get callbacks from VPS at 3G or directors at 3G, on the weekends. I’ve spent a million dollars on a TMS before that wasn’t this one. I’ve spent a few hundred thousand dollars on another one.

The service level was one 100th of what 3Gs is.

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