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Home City ships thousands of orders a day with a 1-day processing time

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My name is Ash Wahab. I’m part of the family business called Home City with four brothers. I take care of the IT. We’ve been in business for over 20 years. We are in the home goods wholesale and dropship business with the big retailers such as Amazon, Wayfair, Overstock, Walmart. We have all the big e-commerce under our belt, and we are growing.

The main office is in Edison, New Jersey. We just opened up a new location in Houston Texas. We are expanding to the west coast as well. The plan is to ship two days anywhere in the United States, so we need to get these three locations together.

We chose 3G for many reasons. Their flexibility, the fact that they integrate very well with NetSuite, they eliminate the middle connection that we were having issues with the previous service provider. Their support is on the point, very responsive, very professional, and they know their products very well.

What I like the most about 3G is actually a couple of things. The fact that they can help us onboard new clients fast. I just finished up partnership with Lowes from the beginning they were there for me, and I never had to ask why. They are very organized. They have a project manager, they have an engineer dedicated to the project, they work very well, and are on time. Actually, they were the ones who were harassing me to get information, not the other way around. They are very, very good at what they do, and they help us grow. That’s a fact.

We are a bundle integrated within NetSuite. We don’t have to deal with the connector between NetSuite and our trading partner. We know a problem before it happens. So, we are more proactive and ship a lot faster than we used to without problems.

Pacejet helped us with the needs that we missed from the previous provider and the implementation team knew exactly what they had to do. They were very organized and when we transitioned, it was like just turning on the light and it was it was very smooth transition at the end.

The way 3G removed barriers for our business is that they helped us a lot with the onboarding process, which is bringing on a new trading partner. And the way they integrate is a complex project but ever since I worked with them, it was very fast. So, they helped us with the process we needed to add. Obviously, to grow, we needed to bring more partners… better for everybody. We expand the business that way.

About Home City

Home City is an integrated, omnichannel importer of home textiles with products sold under multiple brand names, including its own, Superior Home Goods. As complex as its business operations are, Home City’s strategy to achieve its ambitious growth goals is simple: make big promises to customers and keep every single one of them. In an industry like textiles, the ability to keep fulfillment and pricing promises is highly dependent on accurate, efficient shipping, and for that, Home City relies on 3G Pacejet Shipping.

The Business Situation

A long-time NetSuite user, Home City found itself in need of a new shipping solution as it prepared to open new distribution facilities. Too much time was spent correcting errors in the previous system, threatening fulfillment targets and margins. However, to say that the company ships into a complex world would be an understatement: It must maintain compliance standards for each of its trading partners, counting among its customers some of the world’s largest retailers (like Walmart, Amazon, Lowes, and Macy’s). Fulfillment operations even include drop shipping on customers’ behalf – yet another layer of complexity.

The Solution

Staying profitable, and continuing its growth trajectory, requires constant attention to increasing efficiency and reducing costs. This is where 3G’s software comes in. It enables Home City to automatically rate shop across a mix of parcel and freight modes & carriers – in order to get the most out of its contracted rates – and bill to multiple account numbers (to take advantage of customers’ own negotiated rates, too). The system also helps maintain exceptional accuracy standards with its address validation module, minimizing delays and carrier-imposed penalties.

But that’s not the only one part of the business… Home City also operates its own direct-to-consumer brand, Superior Home Goods, which also ships using 3G Pacejet platform. The Superior brand makes promises to its customers that few others would dare, and even fewer could keep.

Home City has very complex shipping requirements. They ship on their accounts for some trading partners, and in other instances, they ship on their trading partner’s accounts. Home City mostly uses FedEx SmartPost and UPS SurePost with a very complex backend requirement. 3G’s technology enables both the complexities of the wholesale distribution and the sheer speed and volume required for retail operations to be executed seamlessly. Across divisions, Home City ships nearly 3,000 orders per day!

The Outcome

With ever-increasing customer expectations, constant pricing pressure from all angles, and big growth goals, it can be difficult to put your trust in a single partner to ensure delivery. But, from the very first product demo, 3G proved to be that partner. The support, quality and reliability has been unmatched, allowing the company to smoothly bring its second warehouse facility online, nearly doubling its distribution presence (with plans for a third in the near future). Home City is planning to open a 3rd warehouse facility in the west coast Q1 2024 relying on 3G Pacejet to do the heavy lifting.

From its humble beginnings over 25 years ago, when four hard working immigrant brothers started Home City Inc. in search of the American dream and now, they have nearly 200 employees and a presence in a half-dozen countries. The secret of Home City’s success and growth is finding the right IT recipes to support its daily operation. Partnering with 3G Pacejet as its shipping platform and NetSuite as its ERP system has given Home City the technology to grow the business and provided them with a solid foundation for much faster future growth.


Wholesale & Dropship




3G Pacejet Shipping


  • 3,000 shipments processed in a day
  • 2X distribution facilities
  • 1-day processing times

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