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Increased Automation Frees up Van der Wal to Focus on Customers

Van der Wal, a Dutch logistics service provider, needed to increase automation throughout its operations and reduce the time its team spent on time-consuming, repetitive tasks. With 3Gtms, they expanded automation to more processes and freed up employees to focus on the business and solving customer problems. Hear about why 3Gtms technology gives Van der Wal more possibilities for growth.

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We are a transportation company from the Netherlands. I’m a business unit manager. I’m responsible for the 4pl side of the business. The functionalities that 3G was offering and the fact that 3G was really willing to cooperate with us to expand for the European market… for us, that was a clear answer that this was right way to go. For our own organization a lot of simplification in the organization itself.

The way we enter the orders, the way we process the orders, there’s a lot of efficiency gained by this system. If you look back in the old days, then people are doing really the stupid things, time consuming things, repetitive things, and that’s exactly where we don’t want to be. That should be supported by the system and our people should be busy with the business, with the customers, solving problems, informing our customer. By having a system where you can automate a lot of these repetitive tasks, that means that you free up the time for your people to spend with their customers.

So, within the 3G TMS organization, you really have got very enthusiastic people and people who understand the business. Whenever we come with a problem or a question, they really listen to you, think about it, and come with an answer. We want to sit with our customers at the table discuss the issue, think about the solution, and do it ourselves, and be ready in the next day. 3G TMS gives us a lot of possibilities to do that.

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