Customer Story

Syntron Material Handling eliminates multi-system approach and enhances workflow with Pacejet

Tracing their roots back over 125 years, Syntron Material Handling is most well known for their impact on the mining industry. As the company has grown into a global enterprise, their machinery now assists with everything from handling coal and iron ore to power generation and food processing. With company values including safety and sustainability, collaboration, innovation, and being customer-centric, Syntron needed a shipping solution to help them put their customer’s first.

Familiar Shipping Challenges

Working in their Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) environment for shipping with CSI’s out-of-the-box solution wasn’t going to meet their needs based on shipping volume alone. Syntron needed a platform to help them manage their heavy shipping volume and also had compatibility with 3PLs. They landed on Pacejet for a few reasons. In addition to having relationships with Syntron’s 3PLs of choice, Pacejet also didn’t require extensive time from Syntron’s internal team on implementation.

All-In-One Solution

Syntron ships about 60% parcel and 40% LTL and having the ability to process both within the same solution is a huge time saver for Syntron’s team. With CSI and Pacejet, Syntron has one integrated ERP and shipping platform allowing the company to be more efficient and freeing up valuable resources for more important things than routine communication with carriers.

Effective Results

With Pacejet on-board, Syntron was able to take advantage of easy implementation and focus their resources on other critical areas of their Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) ERP upgrade. By streamlining Syntron’s shipping process and consolidating into one system, Syntron is able to get their shipments out the door faster and have tracking details available immediately following, enhancing their overall customer experience. Since customer service is central to their company values, Pacejet was an easy pick for their ERP shipping integrated solution for Syntron Materials Handling.






3G Pacejet Shipping


  • Eliminates data entry with Infor CSI ERP integration and connected carriers
  • Combines all shipping data in one place
  • Gives visibility to multiple people within the organization
  • Automated printing of shipping labels and paperwork
  • Provides access to FedEx dry ice options to protect shipments

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