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Twang: Elevating Flavors Through Harmonized Logistics

Since its inception in 1986, the Twang family has been on a mission to infuse a dash of fun into every bite and sip of your favorite food and drink. From the heart of an Antonio, Texas, the flavor factory at HQ has been crafting premium salts, sugars, and seasonings designed to complement everything from morning huevos to evening cocktails. With a commitment to delighting taste buds and enhancing culinary experiences, Twang has become a trusted name in the world of flavor innovation.

Before embracing the transformative power of 3G Pacejet Shipping, Twang faced a medley of challenges that disrupted the seamless flow of their logistics composition. The absence of a Transportation Management System (TMS) and Acumatica interoperability hindered the smooth coordination of Twang’s supply chain. They struggled to align carrier quotes in the system with the final billing, resulting in discrepancies in cost calculations. The difficulty in generating benchmarking analytics posed a hurdle in gaining insights into their shipping performance. Multiple entries for a single order created inefficiencies and increased the risk of errors. Multiple calls were required to relay order status information to customers, impacting communication efficiency.

Twang sought a shipping software partner that could bring a perfect blend to their logistics composition. Key requirements included seamless integration for order and shipping data entry and viewing, a solution to match orders with carrier invoices for accurate billing, visibility into carrier utilization and cost analysis within the Acumatica system, a centralized platform tying all sales and fulfillment information together, and a commitment to automating as much of the shipping process as possible.

What 3G Pacejet Shipping added to the mix was a seamless integration with Twang’s process improvement project, ensuring that shipping operations kept pace with evolving business needs. Despite managing five product lines from a single production and distribution facility, Twang achieved streamlined shipping operations. Every team at Twang realized cost and time-saving opportunities, contributing to overall operational efficiency. Even when adhering to strict trading partner requirements, Twang found in 3G Pacejet Shipping the answer to the “automate everything” mandate.

In the world of Twang, big wins come in small packages. Orders entered with ease and error-free, with shipping quotes provided at the time of order. Customer service gained access to order and shipping information, including status, in one place, enhancing the overall customer experience. The fulfillment team witnessed noticeable cost reductions and increased efficiency. The IT department successfully achieved automation in line with the “automate everything” mandate. Customers enjoyed an overall improved experience, reflecting the commitment to excellence in every aspect of Twang’s operations.


Food & Beverage




3G Pacejet Shipping


  • 1,500+ orders shipped in the first 5 months of implementation
  • 1M lbs of good shipped
  • 84K individual items shipped

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