3G Launches Pacejet Shipping Upgrade to Deliver Future-Proof Order Fulfillment

New tools help shippers quickly deploy new carrier services, rapidly respond to changing compliance needs, and continuously optimize cost and labor efficiency


COLUMBUS, OH―March 6, 2023―3G, the leader in transportation management and shipping software, announced the launch of 3G Pacejet Shipping 23.1, the company’s enterprise multi-carrier packing and shipping software that seamlessly connects to every part of the shipping ecosystem. The new capabilities in this first 3G Pacejet Shipping upgrade for 2023, help manufacturers, distributors, and retailers bolster agility for quick response to change, improve financial performance, and automate compliance measures so they can focus on customer service.

The ability to respond quickly, consistently, and reliably to changing customer needs continues to plague shippers as supply chains remain unpredictable. Disruptions can erase 45 percent (or more) of one year’s profits over a decade. Whether shipping challenges are caused by labor shortages, lack of warehouse space, fragile manual processes, or a combination, vulnerabilities that put profits at risk force CEOs to rethink fulfillment and shipping strategies. New tools in 3G Pacejet Shipping 23.1 were specifically designed to help forward-thinking shippers maintain control while avoiding losses in profit and sales.

Today’s expectation of outstanding customer experience has driven businesses to personalize order fulfillment for groups of customers or specific product lines in more complex and demanding ways. Unpredictable supply chain hiccups can have a chaotic impact on customer service, unless a high degree of automation is in place to manage diverse pack and ship workflows,” said Ron Lee, 3G Chief Product & Technology Officer. “The 3G Pacejet Shipping 23.1 release offers new tools and visibility for our shippers to run fast, reliable shipping service while supporting continuous improvement and personalization of shipping experiences for customer groups and product lines.

The 3G Pacejet Shipping 23.1 release allows businesses to:

  • Improve Performance with Easy Analytics – New self-service, configurable dashboards in Pacejet Shipping help shippers monitor throughput, track staff performance, measure carrier use, focus on specific customers, and more.
  • Personalize Shipment Pricing for Customers – Powerful new pricing controls allow shippers to deploy more situationally-appropriate markups and discounts to keep customers happy while maintaining margins.
  • Use Flexible Staffing with Confidence – Leveraging improved access controls with two-factor authentication to easily give and remove restricted system access to temporary or temporarily reassigned employees.
  • Eliminate Costly Address Mistakes – A completely re-imagined address validation experience leverages the best multi-carrier data services to check, correct, and verify every address for every shipment simply and easily.
  • Accelerate Workflows for Shipment Batches – Newly redesigned batch processing tools provide faster, more flexible workflows for automating similar shipments for product launches, promotional kits, and more.
  • Utilize More Tools for Continuous Process Improvement – New configurable workbench searches, improved tracking of lot/serial tracked item shipping, improved scanning controls remove time and effort from every shipment.

About 3G Pacejet Shipping

As a trusted leader in transportation and shipping software, 3G removes the obstacles that stand between our customers and their success. 3G Pacejet Shipping is advanced multi-carrier shipping software engineered to fully connect every part of a business’s shipping ecosystem to their ERP and WMS applications. 3G Pacejet Shipping is part of the complete 3G transportation management and shipping software suite. By streamlining the movement of goods, 3G helps logistics companies, brokers, and manufacturers across industries ship more products and reach more people, with nothing in their way. To learn more about 3G Pacejet Shipping, visit

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