Embracing Regional LTL: A Versatile Shipping Solution


In the world of shipping, Less Than Truckload (LTL) stands out as a versatile over-the-road mode, catering to businesses of all sizes with diverse shipping needs. While many are familiar with its application, the lesser-known benefits of leveraging regional LTL carriers can spark innovative ideas. Let’s explore two powerful ways regional LTL can drive efficiencies when utilized effectively. 

Capacity Sourcing & Utilization 

Freight capacity is a common concern in any market, and LTL is no exception. The top 25 North American carriers dominate 80% of the total LTL capacity, granting them significant pricing power. However, the remaining 20% lies with hundreds of smaller regional carriers, often overlooked due to technology gaps. Bridging this gap through third-party technology opens up substantial capacity, benefiting shippers with existing contracts or those considering regional carriers. 

Negotiation-Free Spend Reductions 

Reducing shipping costs often involves negotiating lower rates, a challenging and uncertain endeavor. Regional LTL offers an alternative by empowering shippers to shop across carriers, gaining control over costs. Beyond carrier selection, efficient rate shopping and automation through shipping software reduce labor costs, putting shipping back under your control. It’s about implementing tools for optimal decision-making without solely relying on large carriers. 

As we delve into the dynamics of regional LTL, remember that knowledge is only half the battle. The other half is implementing the right software to control your LTL shipping operations. Curious about your options or looking for ways to enhance efficiency? Let’s start a conversation! 

Stay tuned for the final chapter, where we unveil a groundbreaking solution for rate shopping across LTL carriers. 




Publish date

March 2, 2024



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