Customer Story eliminates 75% of shipping labor with better visibility and fewer errors is a classic American e-commerce success story starting in 1995 when Mark Hastings launched the company out of his home. Back then the business had only one product, but the founder had experience in the bar and service industry and a vision of tapping into fast-growing e-commerce opportunities. More than 20 years later and has grown to distribute from multiple warehouse locations, manufactures most of its own products, and offers a broad lineup of more than 10,000 items including bar supplies, bartending tools, custom gear, serving & hospitality products, and more. was searching for a solution to help find the lowest carrier rates and shipping services for their growing e-commerce business. Wanting one interface and streamlined system, needed to make a change.

Challenges of Multiple, Separate Software Systems

As more online customers have grown to expect free or low cost shipping and tough competitors like Amazon entered the market, maintained their competitive stance by rate-shopping manually to find the best shipping prices and using multiple shipping software applications to process orders. Ultimately the company ended up with about a dozen different software applications, process gaps, missing data, and a lot of manual work to keep up with growing order volumes. Without clear visibility of items shipped
in boxes and with no centralized shipping data, customer service also struggled to keep up with customer tracking requests.

One System, Rate-Shopping, Better Data chose Pacejet Enterprise Shipping for NetSuite
as part of a new growth strategy to implement a cloud-based ERP system across the company. Pacejet manages all of the variables that determine shipping cost, captures all shipping data, and automates all the rate-shopping and shipping for all carriers in one, consolidated system. Easy NetSuite ERP integration eliminates duplicate data entry, speeds rate-shopping and shipping processes, and captures a detailed record of all shipping activities for analysis. The Pacejet system also captures what products shipped in each box as well as who packed and shipped every order.

Results Include Lower Costs and Better Service

By implementing Pacejet, the team was able
to reduce shipping labor costs by 75% with better visibility and fewer errors by consolidating carriers and rate shopping in one solution. For orders received by 2pm, customers have a tracking number in their inbox by 5pm. Automatic rate-shopping helps find the most competitive shipping methods for every order to keep customer costs low. Central shipping records, built-in tracking, and automatic email notifications help customers easily track shipments and customer service respond quickly to customer requests. And clear visibility of the products that shipped in each box, who packed each box, and who shipped which orders helps the entire team keep improving service-levels and reducing errors.

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  • Eliminated 75% of labor by consolidating all carriers and rate-shopping in one system
  • For orders received by 2pm, customers can have tracking numbers in their inbox by 5pm
  • All shipping data is recorded in the erp with simple and complete NetSuite integration
  • Better customer service with tracking of who packed, who shipped, and items in each box
  • Fewer human errors with one complete system instead of multiple software apps