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TrakMotive reduces errors due to manual entry by 2% weekly and saves $19,000 on retailer fees

Established in 2006, TrakMotive specializes in 100% brand new Automotive Light Duty Truck CV Axles, ATV-UTV CV Axles, Drive Shaft Assemblies and Window Regulators. With two distribution centers, Springfield, MO, and Redlands, CA, TrakMotive serves customers in the United States the highest quality transfer of power from their transmission to their wheels. As they began to grow they were in search of a better shipping solution to help them with their manual entry errors and limited carrier options.

Errors with manual keystrokes and more

TrakMotive was using a few different workflows in order to process shipments and were unable to find an efficient way to ensure data was getting written back correctly. Team members were having to manually key in various repeated pieces of information into multiple systems leaving their business vulnerable to errors. When TrakMotive, searched for a better solution, they reached out to Pacejet due to our trusted Built for NetSuite solution, as well as a sound business referral, to help solve their shipping needs.

With multiple systems and tabs open to process a shipment, their management team required they limit the number of carrier offerings so that they could try to reduce manual errors and time spent at the shipping workstation.

Our solution

Pacejet’s built-in rate shopping capabilities helped enable their staff to grow the number of carrier options to reduce spend and provide variety. Simply having more connected carrier options within their system, has greatly improved TrakMotive’s ability to grow and scale. Now, the TrakMotive team is able to quickly view real-time rates and carrier options directly within their NetSuite portal without having to open multiple windows and tabs in order to compare shipments. That’s just one way Pacejet has helped TrakMotive save.

Manual keystroke errors were one of the biggest challenges that TrakMotive was facing. With Pacejet in place, they are now able to process shipments with scanning and a few single entry keystrokes and the information flows seamlessly into all of their database and supply chain systems.

The outcome

After implementing Pacejet’s shipping automation, TrakMotive saved around $19K in retailer fees by reducing errors on shipments annually. In addition to savings on retailer error fees, TrakMotive added carrier choice, more streamlined processes, and efficient data rules into their process. After running Pacejet for a period, they also increased the number of AutoShip orders running through Pacejet by over 300%, saving a significant amount of time and money. With additional integrated carrier options, TrakMotive has been able to scale and grow their business and serve a broader customer base. And with Pacejet, NetSuite, and their other business systems operating in sync, TrakMotive has been able to save time on their shipping line, shave time off employee manual entry, increase data accuracy, and improve their overall customer experience.

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  • Best rates on shipments now with increased carrier options and visuality to rate shop
  • Able to meet customer needs with carrier variety
  • Saved $19K on average annually on retailer fees
  • Reduced errors with automation and accurate data entry
  • Ability to grow and scale with Pacejet and NetSuite working together