Experience Unmatched Efficiency with 3G’s Enhanced Acumatica Core Integration

Improve Costs, Customer Satisfaction, and Efficiency with 3G and Acumatica

Basic rate shopping. Complex pack-and-ship workflows. Advanced EDI integrations. No shipping software better prepares you to meet customer needs no matter what comes next than 3G Pacejet Shipping – part of the 3G Transportation Suite

Fulfillment Capacity

1000+ Shipments per day

Decrease processing time and complexity to speed throughput and ship more orders with greater efficiency and no headcount increase


99% Error-free shipping

Use scan-packing order verification and built-in address validation to ensure the accuracy and completeness of every order in seconds

customer satisfaction

30% Shipping cost reductions

Earn loyalty by providing a consistently superior customer experience that they can always rely on and never overpay for

What does Acumatica Core mean for you?

  • Certified Quality: Guaranteed seamless integration with Acumatica’s full certification.
  • Direct Support: Acumatica provides immediate support for the 3G integration, ensuring rapid issue resolution.
  • Hassle-Free Maintenance: Acumatica handles all code maintenance and updates, keeping your system running smoothly
  • Built-In Integration: Transitioning to 3G within Acumatica Core is now effortless, eliminating customization headaches.
  • Trusted Partnership: Leverage the strength of Acumatica and 3G’s endorsed collaboration for reliable performance and peace of mind

See why 3G Pacejet Shipping is Acumatica’s trusted shipping solution


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Nearly 30% improved throughput

3X fulfillment capacity

40-50% reduced processing time

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