3Gtms Discusses Why LSPs Need a Digital Transformation Strategy on Talking Logistics


Our Vice President of Corporate Development, JP Wiggins, spoke to Adrian Gonzalez of Talking Logistics and discussed the importance of digital transformation within logistics and why LSPs should have a strategy for operating with today’s latest technologies. Read on for some of the main points covered during JP and Adrian’s conversation, along with a link to the entire recording.

Key Discussion Points

With the fast pace of today’s business and the need to pivot and quickly build efficiencies, technology users can no longer wait for software vendors to make changes to systems as needs arise. If an LSP switches processes or experiments with new business models, then the software should be flexible enough that users can execute those transformations themselves. Relying on old methods where vendors make changes is a waste of time when self-service technology exists today, letting you adapt easily.

There’s also been a lot of investment in logistics technology over the last year, with the creation of many smaller software solutions that focus on specific functionalities. While these solutions are useful, it’s daunting to figure out how they fit within your tech stack. If you’re an LSP, you want your core TMS to be your central technology control point and will want to use a TMS that connects to these niche solutions.

JP and Adrian also spoke about where an LSP should start when they think about digital transformation. The first step is finding a TMS that can integrate with all your other systems and translates information to your customers via their technology requirements. Mapping out your business flows and how you want your technology stack to work is also a great exercise. Taking these workflows to potential TMS providers to see how their solutions work will help you realize your digital transformation potential.

Want these ideas broken down even more?

Watch the video for all the insights JP and Adrian provide.



Publish date

March 23, 2021



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