Introducing Pacejet Trading Partner Compliance


Are you a NetSuite user that ships to big-box retailers, directly to big-box retailer customers, or trading partners that require EDI and Advance Ship Notices? Is your business and relationship with these partners dependent on your shipment matching your shipping notice? Getting these shipments wrong leads to huge costs, angry trading partners, and essential distributors refusing to work with you. Do you want an easier way to ship to these partners so you can save money, reduce errors, and improve customer service? Read on to see how Pacejet Trading Partner Compliance can help you.

Simplify Trading Partner Shipping

Pacejet Trading Partner Compliance helps you follow your partners’ shipping requirements by streamlining the process to save time and minimize mistakes. Big-box stores require specific labels and paperwork that you already have and use. Now you can leverage your existing library of customized labels in new automated workflows, printing them as you pack, and capturing the Advanced Shipment Data (ASD) to send automatically via EDI.

There are three specific shipping functions that Trading Partner Compliance helps simplify. These include Labeling, Scanning, and Advance Ship Notices. With this solution set, you are able to save time on each of these three processes when shipping to your business partners.


    • Integrate with third-party GS1 labeling and retailer-branded packing slip solutions to meet your partners’ needs

    • Comply with your trading partner regulations on layout, text size, orientation, grouping, barcoding, and many other label requirements

    • Centralize label creation by leveraging your library of customized labels within Pacejet’s shipping solution


    • Capture packing information for every package on every pallet to track all your goods and final destinations

    • Collect Advanced Shipment Data for your EDI vendor while scanning to create an Advance Ship Notice

    • Use scan validation to ensure your shipment includes the correct items and quantities

    • Simplify packing by executing automated workflows every time packages and pallets are scanned

Advanced Shipping

    • Create and store Advanced Shipment Data with integrations between Pacejet and your ERP for simplified shipment records

    • Experience advanced automation for ERP workflows, including EDI, label printing, document printing, and shipment tracking

    • Utilize ASD fields that include shipment name, carrier, carrier-class of service, terms, costs, shipment date, and more

    • Build ASD fields specific to your customers’ needs and requirements, including name and value

Business Benefits

We know how important it is for you to follow trading partner requirements and maintain good relationships with these customers. Leveraging this solution set for your business helps you avoid costly errors, save time, simplify shipping processes, and increase trading partner satisfaction.




Publish date

March 24, 2021



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