Introducing Pacejet Advanced Shipment Data (ASD)


Pacejet Advanced Shipment Data (ASD) for NetSuite enhances NetSuite shipment processing by recording more detailed shipment packing, item, and carrier data in custom records linked to standard NetSuite Item Fulfillment and Item Shipment records. The additional data provided by this solution improves automation for ERP workflows, including EDI, label printing, document printing, shipment analytics, shipment tracking, and shipment reporting.

Experience Advanced Automation with ASD

Simplify data collection and generation within NetSuite by easily capturing detailed information across your shipping ecosystem. This information will save your team members time as ASD is used in multiple shipping processes to automate workflows. ASD also reduces manual tasks by simplifying EDI creation, label generation, and document printing without employee input. With ASD, your teams will increase visibility with more information available for analytics, tracking, and reporting, and you can leverage existing NetSuite information for a cohesive solution.

Advanced Shipment Data Features:

  • Simplify EDI workflows by creating Advanced Ship Notices (ASN) with your captured ASD information
  • Store ASD using a custom record to link information to standard NetSuite Item Fulfillment and Item Shipment records
  • Streamline printing capabilities by automatically populating labels and documents with ASD fields
  • Enhance shipment analytics, tracking, and reporting by using ASD for increased clarity and visibility
  • Capture package level details for ASD in conjunction with Pacejet Scan Pack, Drag and Drop, or Multi-Level Packing
  • Combine ASD with Pacejet Label Connector and Scan Pack to meet trading partner compliance for big-box retailers and similar partners
  • Leverage a custom tab on the NetSuite Item Shipment Form to link a single custom record with fields that include Name, Carrier, Class of Service, Shipment Cost, and more
  • View real-time indicators that display when ASD functions are running and complete

Simplify your operations by capturing Advanced Shipment Data to deliver automation across your entire shipping lifecycle.




Publish date

May 12, 2021



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