Built by Acumatica Shipping Integration


Pacejet shipping software for Acumatica delivers reliable features and processes thanks to our next-level integration with the Acumatica ERP. The native integration is built and maintained directly by Acumatica, so you’re always on the latest version and have access to top-tier functionality. The solution enables users to streamline parcel, LTL, and 3PL shipping processes for more efficient packing, shipping, and tracking within the Acumatica platform. Want to get Fully Connected Shipping within Acumatica? Read on for more details about our Built by Acumatica solution.

Built by Acumatica

Get a Fully Connected shipping solution with an integration that’s built by Acumatica. Together, Pacejet and Acumatica help save you time and money with simplified shipping processes, connections to more carriers, and advanced shipping automation.

Integration Highlights:

  • Native Integration – Receive Pacejet functionality with integrations to 65+ carriers and automated rate shopping from sales orders and Acumatica shipment records
  • Flexible Workflows – Implement flexible workflows, including pack and ship in Acumatica and Pacejet, along with dynamic packaging options
  • Always Current – Remain confident that you are on the latest version of the software with Acumatica’s “Always Current” certification currently covering 2020R2 and 2021R1
  • Planned Roadmap – Experience regular updates and software enhancements through our planned product roadmap and continued development of combined 3Gtms and Pacejet capabilities

Reach Out to Learn More

Are you an Acumatica user that thinks Pacejet Shipping Software can help your business? You can download our datasheet here or watch the webinar below for more information. 




Publish date

June 23, 2021



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