Connecting to Carriers When Freight Capacity is Tight


Digital transportation networks – ones with more automation and fewer manual processes – are changing the game for freight brokers seeking freight capacity. With improved automation comes fewer errors and faster processes, which drives competition and is even enticing more companies to enter the market. Indeed, in its report “Digitization of Transportation Networks Provides an Option for Companies to Tackle Transportation Capacity,”¹ Gartner observes:

“Gartner has also observed additional traditional brokers entering the market in the last three years, and they have grown their revenue substantially over that period. As the percentage of freight brokerage in the total freight market has grown year over year (from 4% in 2000 to 19% in 2017), traditional brokers want to ensure further growth by investing in technology. This investment allows them to automate more of their processes and connect more easily to their carrier base.”

Technologies that drive speed and ensure accurate data are essential for brokers that need to answer questions like: What trucks are available? Can they meet the delivery deadline? What’s a competitive but profitable quote?

Organizations that operate in a high-speed, transactional environment need technology that helps secure customers with fewer screens, fewer clicks, and more confidence that a profitable decision is being made. For example, the 3Gtms Load Management Workspace is a first-of-its kind tool that delivers all critical information on one screen, so users get a clear and fast snapshot to inform a quote. It also enables:

  • Integration with more customers, partners and systems for greater visibility
  • Data sharing with carriers for faster responses to customers’ needs and maximized capacity
  • Configurable workflows to suit your business

Whether your organization offers pure brokerage services or you’re changing lanes and moving into managed services, take a close look at the technology investments that will keep you aligned with your strategy for growth while responding nimbly to new opportunities.

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Publish date

August 15, 2019



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