Simplify Similar Shipments with Container Cloning (Demo Video)


Taking the hassle out of the packing process has been core to our functionality for many years, starting with the introduction of our Scan Pack solution. Scan Pack originated as a way to help validate orders and reduce the number of errors occurring in the shipping process. A few years back, we expanded Scan Pack to add functionality that focused on automating data collection for retail compliance. This introduced ways to scan multi-level structures, such as scanning items into boxes and items onto pallets.

Now we are introducing a new feature with the ability to clone containers allowing users to rapidly capture data in your packing process, and duplicate similar shipments to get items out the door faster. Continue to see a demo video of the new functionality.

Simplify Similar Shipments with Package Cloning

Watch our demonstration video to see how easy it is to clone boxes and pallets in the new Pacejet release.


Feature Summary

From Pacejet’s Rate & Ship page you can use a scan code to activate the Scan & Pack window. As is standard the unpacked items are on the left and handling units are on the right.

To begin, scan in the first handling unit to start building containers. Then you scan in the items that are going in the box and then close the box. Since that box has been created, you can immediately clone that box by scanning a new code, which will duplicate all contents without any additional work. The use case for this feature is to have a scan code at your workstation and then clone boxes whenever you need to do this and it will create the correct records within Pacejet.

This same functionality can be applied to pallets by using a similar workflow. Scan to create your pallet, scan and add items to the first box, close your box,  and then clone your box. Once all the boxes are on your pallet, you can clone the pallet to double all boxes and items into a new pallet.

If you want more details on this feature and many others, register for our customer webcast that’s scheduled for January 5th, 2022 at 1pm ET.




Publish date

December 9, 2021



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