Pacejet Shipping Software Features to See at SuiteWorld 2021


Over the last year, we’ve added new features and functionality to our Pacejet Shipping Software for NetSuite. These NetSuite shipping solutions include a UPS WorldShip Hazardous Shipping integration, advanced shipping data capabilities, trading partner compliance, order consolidation, and more. With SuiteWorld coming up in a couple of weeks, we wanted to highlight some of these features, so you can get deeper dives on each while in Las Vegas.


Shipping Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods with Pacejet and UPS WorldShip

Pacejet’s direct integration with UPS WorldShip software combines the ERP integration and streamlined pack-and-ship automation of Pacejet software with compliant software, training, and support services backed by UPS. Pacejet detects whether items are classified as dangerous goods and hazardous materials and automatically transmits this order information into UPS WorldShip. The shipping information carries between both systems to reduce manual data entry and duplication. Once the button has been pressed in UPS WorldShip to process the shipment, all the documentation, like hazardous labels and shipping labels, will start printing automatically.

UPS WorldShip Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods Benefits:

  • Reduce compliance risk with processing that’s closely aligned with UPS procedures
  • Reduce staff training by leveraging UPS tools, training, and support for complex hazardous materials and dangerous goods shipping
  • 4x faster processing speed with data integration for basic shipping details, including addresses and packages
  • 99% reduction in errors by avoiding duplicate data entry in shipments and capturing tracking numbers and cost
  • Early access to UPS services which often are released first in UPS WorldShip before APIs
  • Easier, one platform support with integration and features supported as part of your complete Pacejet platform

Advanced Shipment Data for NetSuite

Pacejet Advanced Shipment Data (ASD) for NetSuite enhances shipment processing by recording detailed information that improves automation for EDI, printing, analytics, tracking, and reporting. The solution easily captures information about packaging, item specifics, carriers, and more and then links to NetSuite Item Fulfillment/Item Shipment records to improve automation for ERP workflows.

Advanced Shipment Data Benefits:

  • Save time with automation by capturing ASD information for use in multiple shipping processes
  • Reduce manual tasks by simplifying EDI creation, label generation, document printing, and more
  • Increase visibility by gaining more information for analytics, tracking, and reporting
  • Leverage existing information in NetSuite to build a cohesive shipping ecosystem

Trading Partner Compliance

Pacejet Trading Partner Compliance for NetSuite users streamlines shipments to big-box retailers and trading partners that require EDI and Advanced Ship Notices. The solution lets you leverage your existing library of customized labels in new automated workflows, streamline printing with our print as you pack automation, and capture Advanced Shipment Data (ASD) to send automatically via EDI.

Trading Partner Compliance Benefits:

  • Avoid costly errors by validating shipment information during packing to ensure the items in your system are the same that you shipped
  • Increase customer satisfaction by meeting the stringent requirements of large retailers and building your brand as a preferred partner
  • Save time packing, shipping, and following up by leveraging automation with label creation, printing, scan packing, and ASD notice and validation
  • Simplify your shipping processes by experiencing a Fully Connected Shipping solution that integrates with your ERP and other systems for a single-platform approach

Pacejet Transportation Planning

Pacejet Transportation Planning consolidates sales orders into fewer shipments using the most efficient and cost-effective combination of transportation modes and carriers. This consolidation uses the advanced Planning Engine from 3Gtms and leads to the most cost-savings and the least expensive shipments. The solution identifies orders with similar ship-from and ship-to destinations, along with other criteria, to determine the best consolidation options for the biggest savings.

Pacejet Transportation Planning Benefits:

  • Reduce costs 10-30% by consolidating multiple sales orders into fewer shipments and save on transportation costs*
  • Lower carrier rates 10-20% by selecting lower-cost modes to receive additional savings on carrier rates*
  • Simplify packing and shipments by combining multiple sales orders into the most effective shipments
  • Receive advanced transportation logic powered by a platform with automated planning, optimization, and consolidation



Publish date

October 7, 2021



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