SuiteWorld 2021 Overview and Highlights


Last week was an amazing experience, to say the least. It was a joy to reconnect with the NetSuite community, see old partners, and meet new friends. Shout out to everyone responsible for SuiteWorld, all the sponsors, and everyone that attended to make this year’s conference a successful return to in-person NetSuite events.

Many thanks to those that visited our booth, spoke with us during the event, attended our speaking session, and visited our virtual space. It was a pleasure speaking with you, learning about your shipping processes, and discussing ways that Pacejet can help you complete more shipments to more customers with nothing in your way.

Want to see what we were up to during the event? Keep reading for a wrap-up of our learnings and takeaways.

SuiteWorld Overview and Highlights

We were thrilled to see the amazing turnout from everyone that traveled to Las Vegas. While the last two years haven’t been ideal, it’s great to see NetSuite’s continued growth and the overall resilience of the community.

Here are some of the highlights from last week:

  • The event’s formal “Power Your Growth” theme tied in with overall trends as growth and customer experience were listed as the top priorities for businesses this year, with cost-cutting coming in behind.
  • Long-time Pacejet users were excited to discuss available Pacejet innovations they may have missed, such as 50% faster printing, new do-it-yourself rules, expanded carrier integrations, improved EDI and labeling support, and the SuiteScript 2.0 upgrade of the Pacejet for NetSuite bundle.
  • Other well-received Pacejet announcements included expanded integration support with NetSuite WMS, new integration support for NetSuite Pack Station, and progress towards GA of improved EDI using SPS with the Pacejet Advanced Shipment Data bundle for NetSuite.
  • We noticed more NetSuite users indicate their use of TL in addition to parcel, and LTL, leading to a lot of good conversations about how 3G’s TMS solution can deliver even more savings when used along with Pacejet.
  • We loved attending the session held by our customer, Topo Designs, as they shared how to thrive and not just survive during your busy season. In their session they mentioned how using Pacejet helped:

    -Get shipments out the door in two scans

    -Increase output by 30%

    -Reduce customer experience tickets by 80%

    -Ship 2,000-3,000 shipments per day with the same 7 team members and receiving comments that items shipped so fast it “startled” customers

    -Operate completely paperless with a pick-to-tote and ship process
  • We also held hosted a session of our own with our customer TrakMotive. During the session, we discussed how TrakMotive uses Pacejet to execute better parcel and freight shipping within NetSuite. We dove into TrakMotive’s business and shipping model and explored how Pacejet helps TrakMotive:

    -Increase shipping accuracy above 99% with improved pick-pack-ship

    -More accurate shipment cost billing with freight terms control and automation

    -Receive the best rates on shipments with increased integrated carrier options

    -Highly optimized parcel with mobile pick, mobile printers, auto-ship

    -Improved freight/LTL automation with rate-shopping to reduce costs

    -Consolidated packing and shipping with allocation of cost to invoices
  • In addition to our in-person session, we also have a virtual presentation available on the SuiteWorld On Air portal. This session covers how to use improved NetSuite shipping technology to thrive in a time of growing opportunity, when you may also be challenged by significant issues like labor shortages, capacity problems, and compliance headaches. Click this link to watch the presentation. (Note: SuiteWorld On Air registration required.)
  • Pacejet was also included in a session hosted by NetSuite that introduced their new Pack Station functionality. Pacejet will integrate with Pack Station to continue delivering best-in-class shipping automation within NetSuite. Sign up to receive early information and to pre-book a demo of the integration.

Overall, we had a great time and loved reconnecting with the NetSuite community. We can’t wait to be back in Las Vegas for next year’s SuiteWorld in September!




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October 27, 2021



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