What Does A Post-Kuebix World Look Like?

And other frequently asked questions about the pending sunsetting


If you are one of the many businesses about to lose access to the Kuebix TMS – either due to its 2025 shutdown or current contract nonrenewal – many unanswered questions likely remain. And you certainly aren’t alone. For that reason, we thought we’d share the most frequently asked questions we hear when speaking with manufacturers and distributors facing this exact predicament, as well as our answers to them: 

Q: How does the 3G system compare to Kuebix in terms of features and usability?  

A: The short answer is: 3G provides a TMS matching the features of the Kuebix system and provides comprehensive implementation support to get users up, running, and acclimated quickly.  

The longer answer is: The 3G suite goes well beyond Kuebix in terms of available features, but the majority remain optional, and can be added at any time. The system will not be overwhelming for anyone satisfied with Kuebix, but will also provide runway for those already concerned about the ability to grow with their current system (prior to the shutdown announcement). 

Q: What does implementation look like, in terms of cost and time commitment?  

A: Every implementation is different. But, with that disclaimer out of the way, we can confidently say that we’ve gotten Kuebix customers up and running in as little as four weeks! We are also currently offering an implementation special for any customers migrating onto 3G, which we’d love to tell you about.  

Q: What about ERP connectivity, can 3G do that, and if so, for what systems? 

A: 3G can integrate its TMS with virtually any ERP. The level of integration will largely depend on the specific needs. However, within the realm of our pack-and-ship software (for those specifically looking for this functionality), pre-built integrations already exist for leading ERP platforms (including NetSuite, Acumatica, Dynamics F&O, Sage X3, IFS, and InforCSI).  

Q: You mentioned packing and shipping software, how does that fit with a TMS? 

A: For some businesses, this is an extension of a TMS being used for planning, routing, optimization, contract management, and spot market procurement. For others, it is the TMS due to their specific shipping patterns. In either case, it automates additional shipment workflows within the warehouse around rate shopping, label & document creation, retail compliance, and parcel shipping. For anyone shipping goods it is an option available on its own or as part of a larger suite. 

Q: What does support look like, and will it (and the system!) always be there? 

A: Our in-house, US-based support team has one reason for existing: our customers’ current and future success with our software. Some skepticism is understandable, given the circumstances, but we will never let customers fail. With centuries of combined experience across our teams, and over 1,000 unique customers, we’ll gladly repeat that obvious, groan-inducing industry cliché: “We’re here for the long haul!” 

Got other questions about the pending Kuebix shutdown and your options? Not sure how one solution really compares to another? Let’s discuss!

Dedication to customers begins well before they ever sign with us, and we’ll happily answer all of your questions, whether or not 3G is ultimately the right fit for your business. Check out our resources for customers migrating off of Kuebix for more information. 




Publish date

October 16, 2023



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