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Goldline Curling increases shipping output by 33% while decreasing employee overtime with Pacejet.

As the world’s leading supplier of curling equipment, Goldline Curling has a dedication to the sport dating back to 1967. Their equipment is used at every level all the way from grassroots development to the Olympics. After realizing their legacy ERP system needed an upgrade, they started looking at other providers and selected Oracle NetSuite as their replacement. After understanding Goldline’s shipping requirements, the NetSuite team recommended Pacejet Shipping Software due to Pacejet’s ability to connect to Canada Post.

Preventing Shipping Slip-Ups

When Goldline’s legacy ERP needed a costly upgrade, Goldline checked into other ERP providers. They realized they could implement and use NetSuite for the same price that their existing provider was charging for the upgrade. This made their decision to switch very easy, but they still needed to figure out how to meet their shipping needs while using the NetSuite ERP.

In their previous setup, Goldline had direct connections to carriers within their ERP, but they didn’t have any detailed packing information, accurate upfront shipping rates, or streamlined processes. This led to Goldline charging flat-rate shipping fees, which caused concerns about pricing accuracy. Goldline’s old processes also didn’t have detailed packing information, so Goldline’s wholesale customers had concerns about how shipments were packed. Sometimes there were discrepancies leading to reshipments and additional costs. Goldline also needed a shipping solution that utilized their existing carriers, particularly Canada Post.

On the Button Shipping Software 

NetSuite recommended Pacejet due to the existing connection Pacejet has to Canada Post. Goldline implemented Pacejet’s native NetSuite integration and SuiteCommerce API integration to deliver maximum services for both their retail and online customers. With Pacejet, Goldline provides real-time shipping quotes to provide customers with accurate upfront rates.

Goldline also uses Pacejet’s Scan-Pack feature for item validation and to streamline the packing process. Since switching, Goldline has received customer feedback that they are the industry leader in shipment packaging and organization. This is especially important for big-box retailers, where Pacejet’s EDI capabilities provide shipping and labels.

A Sweeping Success

With Pacejet, Goldline increased their weekly shipping output by 33%. They also decreased the number of overtime hours their employees were working, going from 14-hour days to 8-hour shifts. All while still exceeding their previous output. Goldline has also increased customer visibility into the shipping process and uses Pacejet to improve tracking and labels. Goldline was able to perfect their shipping processes so much that customers have chosen to carry more Goldline products because customers know that shipping rates are accurate and less than Goldline’s competition. After a complete technology overhaul, Goldline now has the systems and workflows in place to match their delivery of world-class curling equipment.


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3G Pacejet Shipping


33%: More shipments completed per week

42%: Fewer hours worked per day, while exceeding previous volumes

  • Increased visibility for accurate shipping quotes

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